That sound? It may be Henry Weinhard spinning in his grave…

Henry Weinhard in 1856

…at about 75 RPM after hearing the news that MillerCoors has appropriated the name (though I’m sure that they somehow have perfectly legal rights to do so, O phalanx of corporate lawyers)  of the Northwest’s most famous brewer for a new brand of – wait for it — hard soda.

Alcopop as it’s sometimes known…

they’ve even cashed in on the the Lovejoy Fountain story, though you can bet that old HW wouldn’t have polluted it with alcoholic soda pop…

The new hard sodas are inspired by the spirit of Henry Weinhard, a brewer known in the Pacific Northwest for making flavorful beers and great soda for over a century. When Portland unveiled a new public fountain in 1887, Henry offered to pump beer through the fountain for everyone to enjoy. Today, Henry’s fun-loving personality lives on in this refreshing hard soda.”

and “Henry’s fun-loving personality”??? Right, when I think of fun-loving, traditionally trained German brewers are the first people I think of…

here’s the press release…

Henry's Hard Soda

Presenting Henry’s Hard Soda: Familiar Flavors For Spontaneous Moments

MillerCoors Nods to Renegade Brewing Legend with National Launch of Two Iconic Flavors, Ginger Ale and Orange

Today, MillerCoors proudly unveils Henry’s Hard Soda, a new line of deliciously refreshing hard sodas made with real cane sugar. Crafted for beer and non-beer drinkers alike with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume, Henry’s puts a playful spin on familiar flavors with Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale and Henry’s Hard Orange Soda.

Henry’s Hard Soda offers a smooth, moderate body, mild effervescence and a satisfying finish with refreshing, distinctive twists that vary by flavor:

Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale: a delightful balance of fresh ginger flavor and herbal notes delivers a moderate ginger aroma and slightly spicy and fruity undertones.

Henry’s Hard Orange Soda: a unique blend of natural Valencia orange flavor provides just the right amount of sweetness and a pleasant pop of tangy citrus flavor.

“One of the main reasons why I love this product is because life is busy with work, kids and bills, but there’s always time to sneak in a little fun with friends,” said Bryan Ferschinger, MillerCoors senior director of innovations. “Beer is great, but now we also have Henry’s Hard Soda – an option that gives a little more flavor and excitement.”

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