Opa-Opa Steakhouse and Brewery

Opa-Opa Brewing Company

Opa-Opa Brewing Co.One of the advantages of living in Massachusetts is the wide variety of vacation destinations within a 2-mile drive. Never having visited (other than a pass through) the beautiful Berkshire region in the western part of the state, we decided to head out. Our destination, Stockbridge MA, is home of many historic landmarks, including the Red Lion Inn, famous for its antique filled rooms, delicious dining opportunities, Country Curtain retail shop, and its depiction in one of Norman Rockwell’s most famous paintings. A trip to the museum where Rockwell’s prints and paintings are on display was the highlight of the weekend.

Paul Stanley and Jean De Ieso at Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery in South Hampton, MA

Fruited beers: Opa-Opa Brewery's Watermelon Ale and Belgian WhiteOf course, any destination must include breweries or brewpubs. We found one in the Berkshires, but alas, it was quite lacking. So we will omit a review. Leaving Stockbridge, we took a slight detour on the way home to find Opa-Opa Steakhouse and Brewery in Southampton, MA where all was made right again. A warm sunny day meant we could eat and drink al fresco and we were not disappointed. They offered several seasonals and our choices were the Belgian White and the Watermelon Ale. Paired with delicious barbecue, we were not disappointed. I had never had watermelon ale, and on a hot sunny day, it was the perfect choice.

It’s easy to see why this brewery has won so many awards. Great food, heavenly brews and a perfect late spring day made a stop at Opa-Opa the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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