Brewers' Feud @ Migration Brewing

Brewers FeudJoin us for what is sure to be the talked about event of Craft Beer Month…The BREWERS’ Feud

Non other than Dave Flem of the New Old Lompoc will be the MC and host of Brewers’ Feud.

Brewers’ feud is a friendly competition amongst 6 local Portland Brewers and 4 wide-ranging Portland industry personas; hosted by Migration and Amnesia Brewing. Brewers’ Feud will throw a Portland twist to the classic game show: Family Feud. This event is sure to be a highlight amongst the many events taking place during Oregon Craft Beer Month. Not only will there be an abundance of laughs, this will also provide a great opportunity to heckle a variety of local brewers in one location. Questionnaires will be compiled from beer drinking patrons of Amnesia and Migration Brewing providing wide- ranging classic responses only Portland’s beer culture could conjure up.