ClusterFuggle @ Migration Brewing

ClustMigration Brewing Co.erFuggle @ Migration: To celebrate craft beer month Migration has invited four other breweries: Breakside, Burnside, Lompoc and Lucky Lab to create a beer with one requirement, use Cluster and Fuggle hops. These amazing brewers have created a wide variety of styles including a Red, ESB, IPA, Porter and Amber. ClusterFuggle @ Migration will be held Saturday July 21st @ 2PM. Meet the brewers who created these beers while enjoying the depth and variety these two hops hold.

Bavarian Wheat Infusion: Mike Branes is going to take 3 to 4 kegs of Migration’s Bavarian wheat beer and infuse it with seasonal fruit such as but not limited to; gooseberries, rhubarb, salmonberries, cherries, blackberries and boysenberries. This beer will be released at the end of July providing a great treat for those warm summer afternoons on Migration’s patio.

Coffee IPA: What does Portland love more than coffee and IPA’s, the two put into the same glass. Migration has created a beer infusion like no other. This amazing collaboration is created on a keg-by-keg basis with Migrations Lupulin IPA and Batdorf and Bronson coffee varietals. Check our website and follow us on twitter and Facebook to know when this decadent beverage is available.

Lucky Lab:

This amber is our ode to the traditional but less celebrated fuggle and cluster hops. Both are low alpha
and described as having an earthy aroma, rather than the citrus or pine so often associated with NW ales.
A.B.V.- 5.0


A traditional robust porter made with 25% beechwood smoked malt.
ABV. -7.5%
IBU. -35


Is an Irish style Red Ale featuring a medium hop bitterness that is accented by a subtle amount of
chocolate malt and a candy like sweetness from caramel and melanoidin malts. Brewed exclusively with
fuggle and cluster hops for bitterness and aroma.
ABV: – 5.8%
IBU: – 58


This light slightly malty brew is pale/straw in color with hints of fresh cut hay in the nose. Earthy and
floral we added over 1.5# per barrel of organic fuggle hops grown from our friends at Ploughman farms in
Veneta, Oregon.

ABV: -5.7%
IBU: -60


Ever feel like things are just one big Cluster Fuggle? Send in our incredible British Ale to save the day! A
pleasure to drink any time of year, this Pale/ESB is hopped generously with the floral Cluster and spicy
Fuggle hops to bring about a sense of English even-tempered calm. A blend of malts, including ESB 2-
row as its base, have ClusterFuggle drinking in true Burton on Trent style with a smooth, dry yet malty
finish. At just over 6% ABV, this hoppy ale has all the right characteristics to clear your head and save your

ABV: – 6%
IBU: – 45


Breakside Smoked Porter

Cluster’s Last Stand

Lompoc Organic IPA