Belmont Station's Fringe Fest features Oregon Breweries not at Oregon Brewers Fest

Josh Pfriem of Phriem Family Brewers will have his Hood River brews at Belmont Station's Fringe Fest

Oregon Brewers Festival  (OBF) weekend is at the pinnacle of the state’s craft beer festivities for the year. Much like other prominent internationally acclaimed undertakings, the weekend is just as much about the satellite events happening about town as it is at the heart of OBF. One shining example of this phenomenon is Belmont Station‘s Fringe Fest taking place on Saturday July 28, 2012. This year’s fest on the fringe delivers many new faces in the ever-growing Oregon craft beer scene. Brewers Union Local 180, The Commons, Falling Sky, Harvester, Base Camp, Heater Allen, Solera, Hop Valley, and Pfriem Family Brewers will provide a range of unique styles including bold hoppy, cask, gluten-free, farmhouse, German-inspired, and more.

Here’s the details from our friends at Belmont Station. See you there!

SATURDAY JULY 28 Noon – 6PM OREGON CRAFT BREWERS FRINGE FEST  A special day of tastings, tappings and Meet the Brewers from Oregon Craft Brewers who aren’t represented at the big Daddy OBF!

BOTTLE (AND CAN) Tastings conducted by the Brewers:
Noon – 2 PM Hop Valley and the Commons
2 – 4PM Heater Allen

A special day of tastings, tappings and Meet the Brewers from Oregon Craft Brewers who aren’t represented at the Oregon Brewers Fest!  Meet Brewers from: Brewers Union, The Commons, Falling Sky, Harvester, Heater Allen, Hop Valley, Pfriem Family Brewers, Solera, and a sneak preview of Basecamp.

Draft List:

  • Base Camp:
  1. India Pale Lager – Copper-colored lager aged on house smoked white & red oak. Summit hops in the boil and dry-hopped with Centennial, Zythos, Mt. Hood, and Glacier for a nice floral, piney aroma. 6.8% ABV

Base Camp's World Premier at Belmont Station's Fringe Fest

  • Brewers Union Local 180:
  1.  Bridleway Session Bitter (Firkin) – English bitter w/ a healthy dose of Falconer’s Flight Hops  3.9%
  2. Above Average IPA (Firkin) – IPA with oats & rye added to malt bill. Cascade, Centennial, & Chinook hops 5.2%

Ted Sobel of Local Union 180

  • The Commons:
  1. Fleur de Ferme – dark farmhouse ale with hibiscus, lavender and chamomile.

The Commons brew team L to R: Sean Burke, Josh Grgas, Mike Wright

  • Falling Sky:
  1. Dark Heart Munich Lager – Dunkel style lager with chocolatey notes & crisp finish from German Hallertau hops.  5% ABV
  2. Zig Zag Smoke Ale – Old ale with rich malty depth and subdued smokiness. 7.3% ABV
      Jason Carriere of Falling Sky Brewing
  • Harvester:
  1. Gluten Free IPA – Brewed with Horizon, Willamette, Cascade and Meridian hops for a piney, citrusy, truly northwest IPA bitterness, flavor and aroma. The body to support these hops comes from pale roasted chestnuts, oats, and organic tapioca maltodextrin. 5.8% ABV

John Dugan (left) and James Neumeister of Harvester Brewing will be pouring a rare gluten-free draught beer at Belmont Station's Fringe Fest

  • Heater Allen:
  1. Isarweizen – German-style wheat beer with clove, nutmeg, banana, & tutti-frutti aromas. 4.8% ABV

Heater Allen's Rick Allen will feature his tasty German-inspired brew at Belmont Station's Fringe Fest

  • Hop Valley:
  1. Czech Your Head Czech Pils – Czech-style Pilsner. 5.6% ABV

Hop Valley Brewing crew sampling Tilley's Chili Beer during Eugene Beer Week

  • Pfriem Family Brewers:
  1. Belgian Strong Blonde – Pear and clove bouquet, clean maltiness, invigorating effervescence and just enough bitterness 7.5% ABV 30 IBUs
  2. Blonde IPA – Pale Gold IPA with a citrusy aroma and liveliness 6.25% ABV

Pfriem Family Brewers

  • Solera:
  1. Hedonist IPA – West Coast style IPA  7.5%

Jason Kahler of Solera Brewery in Parkdale, OR will feature his beers at Belmont Station's Fringe Fest

In-store tastings:

  • The Commons: 12-2pm
  • Hop Valley: 12-2pm
  • Heater Allen: 2-4pm

Brewers from all the above will be in attendance, although they won’t all be here the entire day so drop in early for the most fun! Some notes: This is your first chance to taste beer from the soon to open Base Camp. If you’ve never had authentic British style cask conditioned ales this is your only opportunity to taste the Brewers Union beers outside of the pub in Oak Ridge, OR. Also a rare chance to have Harvester’s gluten free IPA on draft. Such a good IPA you’ll forget it’s 100% gluten free. And your first chance to taste Hop Valley’s new Pils and Heater Allen’s Isarweizen on draft, and a rare Portland appearance for Solera’s IPA. I’m ready to start drinking now.

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