Sierra Nevada Celebrates 30 Years at Horse Brass

Portland, OregonThe Horse Brass Pub, a truly iconic venue for enjoying craft beer for more than three decades, on Tuesday, was host to a special event for of one of America’s finest craft breweries. 2010 marks Chico, California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Company‘s 30th year. And to celebrate this great accomplishment, brewery founder Ken Grossman paid a visit to the Horse Brass for the release of a special beer brewed in conjunction with Charlie Papazian local beer guru Fred Eckhardt. This beer, an Imperial Helles Bock, was aptly named Fred, Charlie & Ken’s Ale.

During this special night at the Horse Brass, special Sierra Nevada brews including an Fritz & Ken’s Ale (brewed to honor Anchor Brewing’s Fritz Maytag), the flagship Pale Ale, Summerfest Pilsner, Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, the afformentioned Bock, and two popular casks of Porter and Chico IPA all poured to the contentment of a packed room of beer lovers. Among the crowd of those thirsty for great beer was the likes of Full Sail brewmasters John Harris and Phil Roche, Lisa “The Beer Goddess” Morrison, Horse Brass founder Don Younger, and the golden boy himself, Fred Eckhardt. Grossman and Eckhardt  autographed posters, bottles, and even a baseball.