The World On Tap Celebrates Worldwide Beer Styles in Bend, Oregon

As the Special Export tagline gleefully stated, ‘You can travel the world over and never find a better beer’, this will definitely be the case on Saturday, April 6, 2024. This is when Grand Craft Beer will host The World On Tap at On Tap Bend from Noon – 6:00pm.

The mini-fest, The World On Tap, celebrates 18 worldwide beer styles such as Mexican lager, Japanese lager, German hefeweizen, Swedish farmhouse ale, and more including an IPA using exclusively South African hops. Then to take it one step further, on-site food trucks will serve international and regional cuisines while a one-day-only sugar shack offers locally-made, global desserts including French beignets, Peruvian sweets, and Japanese cream sandwiches. Yum!

The World On Tap Beer List:
Italy – Chuckanut Italian Pilsner 
Japan – pFriem Japanese Lager 
Sweden – Ale Apothecary Quirly (smoked farmhouse)
South Africa – Lucky Envelope South African Hazy IPA 
Scotland – Block 15 Highland Hymn Scottish 
Australia – Barley Brown Hand Truck Pale
Canada – Grains of Wrath Bar Down Canadian Lager 
Peru – 10 Barrel Agria Morada Sour 
Czech Republic – Wayfinder Golden Tiger collab Heater Allen and Colorado’s Bierstadt! 
Germany – Van Henion Schwarzbier 
Mexico – Fracture Uno Mas Mexican Lager 
England – Foreland/Kings & Daughters English Style Bitter 
Ireland – Double Mountain Nitro Dry Irish Stout 
Belgium – Monkless Meet Your Maker 
New Zealand – Sunriver Cause for Concern IPA

Admission is free and all beers and foods are a la carte at this family-friendly event featuring AM/FM Luxury Travel agency on hand to raffle off five chances to win $100 travel vouchers anywhere on Earth

To learn more, visit The World On Tap Facebook page at

On Tap Bend – 1424 NE Cushing Dr – Bend, OR

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