Aslan Brewing & Patagonia Provisions Partner on World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified IPA

image of Patagonia Provisions Organic IPA courtesy of Aslan Brewing

Patagonia Provisions continues its expansion of its Kernza beers made with breweries here in the United States. On its latest endeavor, Patagonia Provisions has partnered with Aslan Brewing Company on launching World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® IPA. This new organic IPA will be available on draft at the brewery’s Bellingham and Seattle locations for a limited time starting today, Friday, April 19, 2024.

Patagonia Provisions x Aslan Brewing Co. World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® IPA is made with Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza®, Regenerative Organic Certified® Pilsner Malt from Breathe Deep Farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, and organic Chinook Hops and Strata Hops from Washington’s Roy Farms. Sitting at 6.6% ABV, this new beer is described as offering bold flavors of berry and pine, and finishes crisp and refreshing with a balanced bitterness. Expect tropical aromas with hints of sweet orange and berry.

Aslan Brewing Co., a B-Corporation with a USDA certified organic brewery based in Bellingham, Washington, joined Patagonia Provisions’ partnership program last summer alongside 10 other breweries with the release of Kernza® Lager, brewed with Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROCTM) Kernza and other organic ingredients. Just this month, Patagonia Provisions announced the addition of 11 more partner breweries across the country, each brewing their own regional iterations of Kernza Lager, strengthening a collaborative commitment to scaling regenerative and organic ingredients that are better for the planet.

To become Regenerative Organic Certified®, the highest standard for organic agriculture in the world, this beer had to meet stringent requirements for soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness. The Patagonia Provisions x Aslan Brewing Co. World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® IPA is the very first ROCTM beer.

image of Patagonia Provisions Organic IPA courtesy of Aslan Brewing

Developed by Kansas-based research non-profit The Land Institute, Kernza is a deeply rooted perennial grain. Whereas most grains are planted and harvested annually, Kernza stays in the ground year after year, developing roots up to 12 feet long. Perennial grains like Kernza stabilize soil, require minimal tilling, increase soil organic matter, and improve soil structure and water-holding capacity. When used in beer, Kernza adds a deliciously rich but subtle nutty flavor.

Patagonia Provisions is confident that ongoing research will also confirm that Kernza draws down and stores more carbon in the soil than annual grains.

The ROCTM Kernza is sourced from A-Frame Farm and Prairie Grass Ranch. Farmer Luke Peterson, along with his wife Ali, own and operate A-Frame Farm, a 1,200-acre ROCTM farm in Dawson, Minnesota, where they grow grains without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other chemical growth-enhancing or inhibiting substances. Family-owned and operated Prairie Grass Ranch is a 7,400-acre ROCTM crop and livestock operation in the foothills of the Bears Paw Mountains in north central Montana. Fourth generation ranchers, Jody and Crystal Manuel, and their children grow Kernza alongside perennial crops while the grass-fed cattle herd serves as an integral part of the holistic farm system. Both farms are members of the Perennial Promise Grower’s Cooperative, a farmer-led ingredients company working to grow the impact of Kernza by empowering more farmers to plant it, and ensuring a high quality product for the brands that source it. Through a partnership with Mad Agriculture, Kernza farmers in the cooperative are able to scale their growing operations and connect with more brands like Patagonia Provisions.

As consumer demand has grown for Kernza Lager across the country, the limited supply of ROCTM Kernza has been almost entirely utilized. So much so that other partner breweries have shifted to certified organic Kernza until the next harvest of ROCTM Kernza becomes available in 2025. Patagonia Provisions has been championing the use of regenerative organic ingredients in beer for several years, leading with Kernza and exploring ROCTM rye and ROCTM barley for future beers. To date, partner breweries have sourced more than 50,000 pounds of certified organic ingredients, including 12,000 pounds of ROCTM Kernza. By making beer with more regenerative and organic ingredients, breweries have the potential to move the industry towards a more regenerative future to combat the climate crisis.

Patagonia Provisions x Aslan Brewing Co. World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® IPA is available on draft at Aslan Brewing Co’s three locations in Washington for a limited time.

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