Mate Maker Co. & Harland Brewing Co. Collaborate On SoCal Citrus Farm Inspired Hard Kombucha and Australian XPA

Two Southern California breweries, Mate Maker Co. and Harland Brewing Co., celebrate the local produce and small farmers of the region in a dual release today. The two makers have partnered on the two limited releases of Secret Citrus Hard Kombucha and Channel Orange-Mango Australian XPA, inspired by locally sourced juicy citrus fruit from Old Grove Farms.

Partnering with Old Grove Farms allowed both Mate Maker and Harland Brewing to seek out the freshest citrus possible. Old Grove is part of over 25 small Inland Empire farmers that traces back five generations. As one of the last remaining groups of family farms in the area, they are dedicated to growing and are certified organic. Old Grove Orange is committed to making small farming sustainable, with all fruit picked to order, and through partnerships with local schools, and like-minded lovers of fresh fruit, like Mate Maker and Harland.

In producing its hard kombuchas, Mate Maker relies on fresh, locally grown fruit. The new Secret Citrus Hard Kombucha flavor showcases the rich, sweet, and tart flavors of Old Grove’s Redlands Navel Oranges. Accentuated with the exotic aromatics of Vic Secret Hops, the new brew offers notes of mango and passionfruit with a hint of resinous background that’s enhanced by sumptuous fruit juices, creating the ultimate blend of complex flavors that promises a hoppy juicy summary surprise with each sip.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with our mates over at Harland Brewing Co. to create two incredible recipes” said Justin Medcraft – Founder of Mate Maker. “Their commitment to world-class brewing and innovation has inspired us for quite a while and we are excited to work directly with Old Grove Orange in Redlands to learn more about their commitment to passing on their practices of regenerative and sustainable fruit farming to the next generation.”

Harland Brewing Co.’s Channel Orange-Mango Australian XPA, is a nod to Mate Maker’s Australian roots, featuring strong citrus characteristics with a finish of candied mango. The Vic Secret and Citra hops provide the brew with a unique combo of orange marmalade and bright, tropical fruit simultaneously keeping the body very light, yet sessionable, also allowing the hops and fruit to create a harmoniously balanced and vibrant Aussie-style pale ale.

“The Mate Maker team presented us with a rad opportunity to meet local farmers and use their ingredients to brew a product more unique than most,” says Cody Morris – Director of Brewing Operations at Harland Brewery. “Working on this project has been an incredible experience for Harland because both teams have a shared passion of supporting local businesses and making amazing drinks. We couldn’t be more stoked for everyone to try both versions of the collaboration.”

This partnership between Mate Maker and Harland Brewing came together through their appreciation of each other’s work. The partnership not only encompasses an ethos of hard work and passion for the brewing arts, but symbolizes a convergence of like-minded values, SoCal vibes and a joint effort to bolster the community by spotlighting local farmers.

“It is extremely exciting to have this opportunity to work with the Harland team and another local farm in the southern California area,” said Josh Makler – Brewmaster at Mate Maker. “We have had great respect for the Harland brand for some time and this opportunity to work together on something really special was a collaboration dream come true.”

Harland’s Channel Orange-Mango is packaged in 4-pack, 16 ounce cans at 5.5% ABV while Mate Maker’s Secret Citrus delivers a crushable 6% ABV in 16 oz single cans, also available on tap in select accounts throughout SoCal.

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