Migration Brewing Celebrates the 2022 Hop Harvest with 5 Fresh Hop Beers

image of Fresh Outta Portland courtesy of Migration Brewing
image of Fresh Outta Portland courtesy of Migration Brewing

The latest Portland brewery to announce its 2022 Fresh Hop releases is Migration Brewing. Today, it’ll release Fresh Outta Portland in cans and on draft. Other fresh hop beers that’ll be released on draft in the coming weeks include Into the Light Lager, Summer Chinook Pale, ReFRESH Hazy IPA, and Fresh Coast MOSAIC IPA.

Migration has partnered with a handful of local farmers on these five beers that celebrate the annual hop harvest. For the 2022 lineup it worked alongside Indie Hops, Crosby Hop Farm, Coleman, Goschie Farms, and YCH/BC Farms.

“We continue to feel blessed that we live here in the Willamette Valley, an absolutely incredible region and resource for us,” said Mike Branes, Co-Founder and Brewmaster at Migration Brewing. “Our Fresh Hop beers represent our spirit and love of brewing, but also the love and care that our hop partners put into their product. It allows us to do some of our best work as brewers and every year our beer drinkers express their appreciation. It’s a dream.”

Below are details for each of this season’s Fresh Hop beers. Target release dates may change.

Fresh Outta Portland
Style: Fresh Hop IPA ABV: 7.3% | IBU: 69 Release Date: 9/1
All that you love about Straight Outta Portland, with an amplified hit of fresh Strata hops. Lots of tropical notes of passionfruit intertwined with resiny dank aromas. This year’s version of Fresh Outta Portland highlights a few of our favorite partners in the industry. Brewed with 500+ lb of Strata from Goschie Farms picked just a week ago (we blended together 7 batches) that were nitrogen frozen and put directly into the packaging tank. Pale and Vienna malt offer a medium body and a clean white head. Our largest volume of Fresh Outta Portland ever produced, 25% more volume than last year.

Fresh Outta Portland can be found in 6 packs/12oz cans at most local grocery or beer specialty outlets around town, as well as several local restaurants and pubs. Of course it is also available on draft and 6 packs at all Migration pubs.

Into the Light Lager
Style: Fresh Hop Lager ABV: 5.1% | IBU: 15 Release Date: 9/8
A contemporary American-style Pilsner, this style of beer should be a brilliant straw golden color with subtle hop haze. The name references one of the newest varieties from Indie Hops, Luminosa. With a bright and clear appearance and medium-low to medium malt presence, the hop flavor and aroma should be pronounced. Traditional aromas of noble-type hops but this style can also exhibit attributes of a wide range of hop varieties with medium to high perceived bitterness. DMS, acetaldehyde, fruity esters, and diacetyl should not be present. There is a clean honey-like, cracker character to this beer. Dry and crisp, almost all of the hops were added cold-side. A big dry hop of Strata presents big diesel and passionfruit qualities. Fresh Luminosa hops were frozen at our Shop brewery and added to the bright tank. A newly released hop from our good friends at Indie Hops, it contributes notes of Peach-mango lemonade, candied orange peel, boysenberry, papaya and guava. Into the Light Luminosa Lager can only be found on draft at Migration pubs.

image of Fresh Outta Portland courtesy of Migration Brewing
image of Fresh Outta Portland courtesy of Migration Brewing

Summer Chinook Pale
Style: Fresh Hop Pale Ale ABV: 5.7% | IBU: 24 Release Date: 9/8
Like the running of Summer Chinook salmon through the Columbia River Gorge, we honor that heritage by creating this Salmon Safe beer. Using the summer ale as a base style, we wanted to amplify it to accentuate fresh hop flavors of our Oregon hop terroir. Using Salmon Safe malts and hops, this light easy drinking beer is a perfect end of summer crusher. Two Row and White Wheat malts lay the sweet bready foundation for this beer. Oregon grown Centennial hops provide nice pithy citrus notes (orange, grapefruit) with a hint of pine. Fresh Chinook hops were then nitro frozen and crushed at our Shop brewery and added to the brite tank where the beer sat on it overnight. Additional grapefruit and cedar flavor and aromas contribute to the overall experience. Summer Chinook Pale can only be found on draft at Migration pubs.

Style: Hazy IPA ABV: 6.3% | IBU: 22 Release Date: 9/15
A big aggressively hopped Hazy IPA, with a golden color and loads of hop aroma and flavor. Taking a similar grain bill to our award winning MoHazeIc, we transitioned this beer as a showcase for Amarillo hops from Crosby Hop Farms that were nitrogen frozen to capture that farm fresh flavor and aroma, most notably freshly harvested and direct from the farm into our tanks within an hour. Once at the brewery, we nitrogen freeze the hops and pulverize them to expose the lupulin glands within the hops. We try to capture that quintessential hop aroma from the field and put it into the glass. Bright aromas of grapefruit and orange zest intermingle with a dry hop of Citra and Galaxy (notes of mango, candied orange, and passionfruit). ReFRESH Hazy IPA can be found on draft at limited bars and restaurants where Migration is sold, and on draft at Migration Pubs.

Fresh Coast MOSAIC IPA
Style: West Coast IPA ABV: 6.7% | IBU: 55 Release Date: 10/6
We are bringing back our 2021 Oregon Beer Awards Silver Medal winning beer. A clean light malt structure allows for a showcase of freshly harvested Mosaic hops from BC Hop Ranch in Woodburn, Oregon. Mostly 2Row base malt with a sprinkling of Vienna and Wheat malts, the bright golden colored beer allows for the fresh hops to be at the forefront. Harvested in the morning, these Mosaic hops showcase their punchy blueberry and candied orange/subtle tropical notes. These hops were added to our mash tun, which was used as a giant hopback to steep the hops to extract all of their essence. After fermentation, we dry hopped with a more Mosaic to reinforce those Mosaic notes, as well as some New Zealand Nectaron (fleshy peach notes) and Amarillo (ruby red grapefruit notes) Fresh Coast can only be found on draft at Migration pubs.