Rosenstadt Brewery 2022 Winter Beer Releases

Rosenstadt Brewery enters the 2022 winter season with a new year-round beer alongside a few new limited release beers. Currently hitting the marketplace are the four following beers – Rosenstadt Export Gold, Rosenstadt Bock, Rosenstadt Altbier, and Rosenstadt Vienna Lager.

Below are full descriptions on each of these new offerings as provided by Rosenstadt Brewery.

Rosenstadt Export Gold | Now Available on draught and 16 oz. cans
Known originally as “Beer good enough to send overseas”, Export Lager is stronger and maltier than Helles, yet not quite as hoppy as German Pilsner.
The “middle child” of German light lagers, Export debuted halfway between the introduction of Pilsener and Helles in the 1800’s and was the most popular type of beer in post-war West Germany until the 1970s.
Rosenstadt Export Gold is brewed in the Dortmund style – robust, malt-forward, and balanced, with just enough noble hops on hand to finish crisp and dry. Imported Heirloom malt gives Export Gold a uniquely sweet and bready malt character.
Malt: Weyermann Isaria 1924, Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark, CaraHell, Sauermalz Hops: German Magnum, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
Yeast: German Lager
14° PLATO | 32 IBU | 6.0% ALC. BY VOL.

Rosenstadt Bock | Now Available on draught and 16 oz. cans [Limited Release]
A dark Bock beer, robust in more than one way; just right for what Germans call the “Starkbierzeit” (strong beer time).
Rosenstadt Bock has a smooth maltiness reminiscent of rich chocolate and the dark crust of rustic country bread. Layered on this are dark stone fruit flavors and the clean herbal spiciness of a mix of hops from Bavaria and the Czech Republic.
Malt: German Pilsner, Barke Munich, Dark Munich, Carabohemian, Caramunich III Chocolate Wheat, Carafa II Carafoam
Hops: German Magnum, Czech Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
17° PLATO | 27 IBU | 7.1% ALC. BY VOL.

Rosenstadt Altbier | Seasonal draught and 16 oz. cans
2022 World Beer Cup Bronze medal winning Altbier is back on shelves and in kegs. Pilsner, Munich, and Roast Malts give Rosenstadt Altbier a dark copper hue, with notes of caramel and dark bread. The firm body is balanced with blend of German Hop varieties resulting in a clean, crisp taste that finishes slightly dry.
Bronze Medal: World Beer Cup | 2022 Bronze Medal: NY Intl Beer Competition 2022 Gold Medal: NY Intl Beer Competition 2021 | Gold Medal: Oregon Beer Awards 2017
Malt: German Pilsner, Munich, Dark Munich, Carafa III Spezial, Carafoam Hops: German Perle, Hallertauer Tradition, Saphir
Yeast: German Ale
13° PLATO | 40 IBU | 5.3% ALC. BY VOL.

Rosenstadt Vienna Lager | Seasonal Draught
Inspired by Viennese Lager (the world’s first!) Rosenstadt Vienna is full-bodied, balanced, with a crisp, dry finish. Vienna Malt provides its amber hue and toasty, nutty maltiness, while Saaz hops provide a floral, spicy counterpoint.
Malt: Weyermann Vienna, Pilsner, Munich I, Caramunich III, Carafoam Hops: German Magnum, Czech Saaz
Yeast: German Lager
13° PLATO | 30 IBU | 5.4% ALC. BY VOL.