Double Mountain KRIEK KAMP

Double Mountain KRIEK KAMP

Oregon Craft Beer Month this July is going to be one hell of a ride with more killer events than you can shake a brew paddle at, so understandably, it will be impossible to attend them all. One event that the real heads won’t want to miss out on is Double Mountain‘s KRIEK KAMP.

Double MountainChillaxin’ in the Gorge with Double Mountain’s specialty beer and their pizza…holy crap their pizza! Vertical tastings and sensory training with Brewmaster Matt Swihart; hanging out at and getting a tour of Logsdon Farmhouse Brewery; helping in the beer making process at Double Mountain; picking cherries at Matt’s orchard in Odell for the next batch… Sounds pretty sweet, eh?!

In honor of Double Mountain’s most special and highly coveted brews,  co-founder Charlie Devereux says “We hereby invite the public to join a limited cadre of Double Mountain fanatics at our first-ever “KRIEK KAMP,” an immersive celebration of all things Kriek-y and good. Kampers will get to hang out with our brew staff; see the full picture of how our Devil’s and Rainier Krieks make the voyage from the farm to the glass; and even join in the process themselves.”

Really, can you think of a better craft beer event this summer?

The Double Mountaineers are still in the process of dialing in the complete details for this event, but here’s a peek at the itinerary:

Wed 7/13 pm — Pizza Party w/ Kriek Seminar and Vertical Tasting, led by Brewmaster Matt

Thurs 7/14 am  — In-depth Brew Tour and Sensory Training at the Brewery; Lunch

Thurs 7/14 pm — Brewery Tour at Logsdon’s Farmhouse Ales in Odell

— Cherry Picking Party and Barbecue at Matt’s Orchard in Odell

Fri 7/15 am — Cherry Crush at the Brewery

— Farewell Lunch.

Cost: $150 includes meals, beers, and transportation to/from our events in Odell.

To make your reservations, please call the Taproom at 541-387-0042 during business hours.

Space limited to 20 intrepid Kriek-lovers. Hope you can join us!

For more info contact Charlie Devereux at 503-939-0606 or