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Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg samples hops shoots

Have you heard the news from Cascade Brewing? They’ve been bottling a deeply complex new Kriek. Plus, we’ve sampled brewmaster Ron Gansberg’s hops shoots that were harvested recently this late winter.


Fresh hop shoots are not what you used to chow on, but they are surely a delicacy in countries like Belgium. And, you can count on this trend making a presence here in North America soon.

Brewmaster Ron Gansberg is somewhat of a visionary, and he’s at it again. This week he’s in the hop fields, picking pounds of fresh hop shoots. Why? He’s going to pickle them, using white wine vinegar and several bottles of Cascade Kriek Ale. Young hop shoots are a culinary delicacy enjoyed in Belgium – they have also been called poor man’s asparagus! Fresh hop shoots are only available from mid-March to late April, after which they develop a bitter taste. Pickled hop shoots make a delicious garnish or tasty hors d’oeuvres. Look for them on the menu when the Cascade Barrel House makes its debut!

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