Laurelwood Releases 2010 Green Mammoth

Laurelwood Green Mammoth Organic Imperial IPA

Laurelwood Brewing Company has just announced the release of one of their biggest, boldest, and hoppiest brews of all time. A 10% ABV imperial IPA knows as Green Mammoth will serve as the brewery’s winter 2010 limited edition release. Here’s more from the folks at Laurelwood:

The 2010 Laurelwood Limited Editon 1 liter beer will be Green Mammoth Organic Imperial IPA! As with every year’s Laurelwood Limited Release, this beer is very special, very limited and very delicious. We’ve created an ale that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family or whom ever you choose. While we suppose you could keep it all to yourself, we’ve always believed, ”A shared beer is a better beer.” Any way you savor it, we think you’ll find Organic Green Mammoth a wholly satisfying beer experience.  This is the Imperial (read big ‘ol) version of our Green Elephant Organic IPA. This beer is all about hops, hops and more hops. Cascade, Ahtanum and Amarillo hops added in the kettle, hop back and fermenter give this beer it’s kick. Green Mammoth is set to be released in stores (Oregon & Washington) and in all of our pubs December 13th.  These limited edition, swing top & screen printed bottles are a true collectors item and will sell out fast. They will retail for right around $15.00.  Look for them where ever fine handcrafted beer is sold. 10% ABV / 85 IBUs / O.G. 19 º Plato