When in Walla Walla — Part 3

Waitsburg, WashingtonTwenty miles Northeast of Walla Walla you can find yourself in the quaint city of Waitsburg, Washington. Less than one square mile in size, Waitsburg is home to more than 1200 people. For such a small town, Waitsburg offers some top notch drinking and dining experiences. The picturesque destination founded in 1865 features Whoopemup Hollow Cafe, a welcoming hot spot for wine enthusiasts in the heart of Walla Walla wine country that features affordable high-end eats like their Po’ Boy sandwich with zesty remoulade, a “Waitsburger” ground ribeye, and other cajon-inspired eats like Bry’s Famous Jambalaya and a cornmeal-fried catfish. In addition to their healthy selection of local and worldly wines, Whoopemup, like much of the area has a limited selection of beer but a few of note. Bottles of Pike Place Heirloom Amber Ale, Guinness Stout Pub draft, Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale, Chimay Red Trappist Ale, and Lindeman’s Lambic are available as well as the brew of Waitsburg’s sole brewery Laht Neppur on tap.

Downtown Waitsburg, WASpeaking of Laht Neppur, this brewery features Walla Walla Valley’s best handcrafted beer. Owner and brewer Court Ruppenthal, a WLaht Neppur's Court Ruppenthalalla Walla native brings bold beer to an area unaccustomed to daring and adventurous craft brew recipes since 2006. Situated on the outskirts of tiny Waitsburg in an unassuming diner-esque establishment, Ruppenthal’s brews run the gamut of styles and colors. Here you will find anything ranging from a Strawberry Cream Ale to a Bonnie’s Barley Wine. On our last visit nine different brews gave beer hunters a wide variety of flavor options including a delicious fresh hop ale. Beginning his fermentation years as a wine maker and homebrewing for more than twenty years, Ruppenthal also includes a house Cabernet Savignon and a commercial Port Wine in his repertoire.There’s even some housemade root beer for quaffers of all ages. The patronage at Laht Neppur is nothing like you’d expect considering the smorgasbord of varietals offered. A blue collar atmosphere gives the brewpub the feel much like that of a hunting lodge an in the autumn months many folks in the pub were dawning camoflague attire.

Laht Neppur Brewing Co.

Laht NeppurLaht Nuppur wine and Port wineSampler and a pint at Laht NeppurWhetstone Public House (photo from their Myspace page)Another stop for beer drinkers in Waitsburg is the Whetstone Public House. Situated in the downtown square, the Whetstone features a traditional English pub atmosphere not unlike the Horse Brass in Portland. Different from the Horse Brass, however, is the dearth of venerable beers on tap or in bottles. Surprisingly, no Laht Neppur beers pour here. Rather a conservative mainstream selection including Guinness, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boddington’s Pub Ale, and Deschutes Black Butte Porter are the most imaginative selections this cozy iron and stone pub has to offer.

Whetstone Public HouseDuring our stay in Walla Walla, we made a return flight to Laht Neppur to revisit their delicious brews and pick up a keg of their IPA to enjoy from our home keggerator. It is well advised that when in Walla Walla, make sure to pay a visit to Laht Neppur, hands down Walla Walla’s best brewery!

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