BridgePort Brewing's Hop Czar Returns To Its Original Recipe

BridgePort Hop Czar 6 Pack

A year after BridgePort Brewing was founded, Coca-Cola introduced its “New Coke” to the marketplace. After much fan displeasure the giant soda maker decided to revert back to its original formula. This similar scenario is happening at our local brewery that revolutionized the IPA back in the 1990’s with the return of the original recipe for its Hop Czar. Yes, after spending 2014 as part of a rotating line of IPAs, BridgePort Brewing returns its popular Hop Czar Imperial IPA to its original recipe.

The self-proclaimed “King of Hops” has now regained his rightful throne to rule over all things hops. Hop Czar is brewed with an irresponsible amount of hops and balanced by a robust malt backbone. 7.5% ABV  87 IBU