My First 1000 Beers!

Cheers… again and again.

There are few events you can expect to remember forever depending what you may consider important. As a microbrewery customer, I’m particularly proud to announce that I’ve drank my 1000th beer. Thanks for your support and I will bravely continue this liquid quest. I started recording in February 2006, so I will probably reach the 10,000th in October 2037 at the age of 63.

I picked up few breweries that served me good products during all these years. Be sure that some Beervana breweries would absolutely figure in this list, but you and I know them well, so I choose others.

You may probably know them too, but if not, try their products at least once, if available. Beer is always good.


Marc Demeule

– They did and still brew good beers.

Dieu du Ciel!
– Simply incredible

Brasserie St.Bernardus
– Monks/Belgian beers are simply good

À l’abri de la tempête
– Brewed in Île de la Madeleine, impressive scotch ale.

Stone Brewery
– Always good

The Lion brewery ceylon limited
– Excellent Lion stout

Microbrasserie Charlevoix
– The next one who will sell to USA. You will be happy.

Abbaye de Scourmont (Chimay)
– Need to say something?

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
– Oaked aged beers. Excellent brewery.

Orval Brewery
– 4,7 on 5 and more!

Marc Demeule is Brewpublic’s official Quebec correspondent. He speaks French and English, but is also fluent in beer jargon.