Fort George Collaborates with Florida's Dunedin Brewery

Fort George Brewery of Astoria, Oregon has collaborated with an unlikely partner, Florida’s oldest brewery, Dunedin Brewery, more than 3,100 miles away. According to Fort George’s marketing director Brian Bovenizer, the idea came about through a mutual friend who moved to Dunedin, just northwest of St Petersburg and Tampa.
Dunedin Brewery“We sent our brewer, Jason Paulmberg, down with a suitcase full of hops to brew a version of Vortex on their system.” says Bovenizer. “They called this one “Vortex on the Bay.” Fort George’s unfiltered flagship India Pale Ale is known simply as Vortex. “In turn,” Bovenizer adds, “the guys from Dunedin are hanging out at our brewery right now, and will brew a version of their beer, “The Rock,” tomorrow on our pub brewery, Sweet Virginia (Fort George’s 8.5-barrel pilot system).”  Bovenizer says this one will be dubbed, “Astoria on the Rock”, informing us “It is kind of fitting considering the Fort George building is adjacent to Tidal Rock, a rock that early settlers used to use to measure the tide.”
Fort George Brewery and Public HouseDunedin Brewery will also be debuting at the Oregon Brewers Festival this week (July 26-29). “They drove their brand new refrigerated box truck all the way up from Florida with the beer.  It’s pretty awesome to pull off a collaboration from that far away.” says Bovenizer.  “That’s about as far as it gets as far as a states collab goes!”