GoodLife Brewing Celebrates Leap Year with 29'er India Brown Ale

Leap Year Day, February 29

Once every four years, we get a 29th day of February, which gives people another day to do something remarkable in February.  GoodLife Brewing Company decided that today was the best time to release its newest creation, 29’er India Brown Ale.  This seasonal beer is like the contrast of colors in springtime, a brown with the green of hops and it is remarkable!

29’er India Brown Ale is a classic brown with a hoppy, roasted nose to balance a nutty, stong malt body that finishes with smooth chocolate and coffee undertones.

FGoodLife Brewing Companyor additional information, visit the brewery located at 70 SW Century Drive in Bend, OR or visit  GoodLife Brewing Company is currently distributing all their beers in Bend and Portland via Point Blank Distributing.  The Odom Corporation will distribute to the remainder of Oregon, Northern Idaho, Washington and Alaska while Idaho Distributing Company will supply Idaho statewide, except for the Northern Panhandle.

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