1188 Brewing Company to Reopen After Fire Damage

Earlier this spring, 1188 Brewing Company suffered some significant fire damage and had to temporarily close its doors from some renovations. Well the renovations are now complete and the brewery will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next week with a soft re-opening this weekend on Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8.

1188 Brewing was founded ten years ago in John Day, Oregon by two families. The business brought together sisters Shannon and Jennifer, and their spouses, Jeremy and Ken. The brewery name comes from the racing numbers of Shannon and Jennifer’s father and Ken’s father, combining as ‘1188’.

A fire in downtown John Day, Oregon on April 17, 2023 brought fire damage to a few businesses along Main Street. 1188 Brewing suffered fire damage that resulted in its corporate offices being destroyed. The pub survived with smoke and water damage as it too had to be renovated.

This weekend’s soft re-opening will feature a special limited menu of $10.00 items alongside a variety of craft beer selections and specialty cocktails. Then next week’s 10th anniversary celebration begins the week of July 10 with a celebratory day of giveaways and contests on Saturday, July 15.

Here’s a preview of the beers that will be on tap at 1188 Brewing.

  • Silk Robes and Kimonos – Japanese Rice Lager 4.8%
    A light crisp Japanese Rice Lager.
  • High Desert Amber – Amber 5.5%
    An amber ale that is rich and malty and long on the palate, with just enough hop backing to make this beautiful amber colored beer notably well balanced.
  • Tura’ Lu – Irish Red Ale 4.2%
    Named after a Gaelic term meaning goodbye for now, let this Irish Red Ale let you say goodbye to your troubles, even if it’s just for the moment.
  • Crutch – Imperial Stout 10.8%
    A rich breakfast stout with complementing notes of chocolate, fire roasted oak, Brazil Porta Rosa and Sumatra Coffee is sure to wake you up and get you going. With just a little caffeine kick. Its surprisingly light mouthfulness will have you enjoying every sip.
  • Shakin’ Off the Rust – Red IPA 6.8%
  • There Was A Time – Light Golden Ale 4.5%
    There Was A Time when these twins were sweet and innocent, but now they run with a rough crowd. Complex and well educated with a sailors vocabulary. But you can probably catch them listening to some Guns and Roses… Maybe, or maybe they just really needed a great beer to pair nicely with some tots tossed in truffle oil. If you know, you know. ( this beer is for a couple of regular gals, and their truffle tots…if you know you know)
  • Whackadoodle – IPA 6.8%
    This beer will change every time we make it. It is brewed on top of an existing double dry hopped IPA batch to utilize as much of our yeast and wonderful hops as possible. This will be a forever changing and thoughtfully blended Pale Ale. it’s a little wacky, but it works!
  • Tattiebogle – Smoked Wee Heavy 9.2%
    Molasses and beechwood smoked grain add unique flavor to this Scottish Wee Heavy brew. Blends of roasted caramel and toffee flavors give this beer a rich complex but pleasing flavor that will surprise but don’t let 8.9% scare you off.

To learn more about 1188 Brewing Company, visit 1188brewing.com.

1188 Brewing Company
141 E. Main St.
John Day, OR 97845

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