Roscoe’s To Host Fieldwork Brewing and Great Notion Brewing

The latest California brewery to hit the Portland market is Fieldwork Brewing out of Berkeley. Day One Distribution is once again doing a drop of a rare, out of market brewery into Portland. Fieldwork Brewing will be around town hosting a few events. On Saturday the brewer will be at The BeerMongers beginning at 6:00pm. Then on Monday, January 29th, Fieldwork Brewing will be at Roscoe’s along with their pals from Great Notion Brewing.

Monday’s event will kick off at 5:00pm when the owner and brewer from Fieldwork will be in house for a meet and greet. Fieldwork will have seven of its 7 beers on tap. Also joining Fieldwork at Roscoe’s will be Great Notion Brewing and a few of its beers.

Here’s a rundown of the tap list for Monday from Fieldworks Brewing.

Eastside Motel:  (8.3% abv)
With sixteen in the clip and one in the hole Eastside Motel is a Double IPA that will glide and swerve across your palate with the silky sounds of Citra and Blanc hops with no fear of repercussion. An all out attack of hop aroma kicks you in the mouth with huge notes of orange peel, Pinot Grigio wine grape, and mango-guava; resulting in a Double IPA that could be a flavor of Mad Dog 20/20. A chewy but light body rolls down your tongue like a Cadillac on bags, packed to the brim with juicy hops hanging their arms out the windows with rings and Rolex in safe keeping. With a nose that packs a blast like a gunshot, just sit back and enjoy the flow Citra provides with the perfect soulful accompaniment by Blanc. No matter if things are a little rough right now, or even if things are going real swell, if you’re looking for a juicy beast of a Double IPA, it’s probably a wise choice to make your next stop Eastside Motel.

image of King Citra courtesy of Fieldwork Brewing.
image of King Citra courtesy of Fieldwork Brewing

King Citra: (8.7% abv)
The clock strikes noon as King Citra awakens in his parents’ basement with only one thing on his mind, battle. He straps on his cardboard chainmail, arms himself with his pool-noodle broadsword, grabs his brown bag lunch, and heads to Ohlone Park to continue with his campaign. With a towering aroma of mom’s fresh squeezed orange juice and tangerines freshly picked from the backyard, no one will be competing with the king today. A thick and full mouthfeel creates an Orange Whip-like profile that sticks to the palate with a refreshingly dessert-esque fervor, slowly giving way to a soft bite of carbonation. As the sun sets across the horizon King Citra fires thunderbolt after thunderbolt at every taste receptor till they are overwhelmed and he struts away, crown atop his head, still reigning supreme over his Empire of Double IPA.

Saint Thomas: (6.7% abv)
Originally the second beer in our one-time-only appreciation-fueled “Saint Series,” and after months of longing to drink it again, we gave in and promoted Saint Thomas to rotational status in our series of hazy IPAs. This single hop American IPA showcases Mosaic hops alongside our clean and grainy pilsner malt and copious amounts of wheat and oats. Living up to its name, Saint Thomas opens up with an aromatic barrage of freshly made tropical fruit salad, dousing the sinuses in a cavalcade of over-ripe melons and fresh squeezed fruit juice. Honeydew Melon, ripe citrus, fresh green grapes, and hints of pineapple juice dominate the palate. The grain bill provides a blank canvas, letting the hop character dance all over the palate, finishing with a clean and refreshing note of freshly cut ruby red grapefruit. We try our best not to admit that we have a favorite, but it is impossible to deny how much we adore this tropical fruit punch of a beer.

Chaos Emeralds:  (6.8% abv)
A lot of what we do here at Fieldwork is pick the best raw materials for the job, put them together, and try to make every beer we make the best version of that beer it can be. Then every once in a while we come across some hops that are so good there is no combining of raw materials. No sense in the risking of muddling the flavors these hop growers developed so masterfully. We’ll then often brew a simple beer just like this. A moderate in body and low in malt character grain-bill to support one single hop. In this case the hop is our Simcoe from the most recent harvest. The best Simcoe we have ever smelled. Notes of passion fruit, guava, grapefruit segments, white currants, and a hint of spruce tips. We love how the Simcoe hop has morphed over the years into what we have littered in the glass in front of you. We’re crossing our fingers we can get Simcoe with this same profile year after year so we never have a reason to pull Chaos Emeralds IPA from our IPA rotation.

Hoppin’ 4-Tay: (7.3% abv)
Hoppin’ 4-Tay is a hybrid of IPA styles; east meets west meets east again in this Citra-fueled hop voyage. Not as bitter as our Westcoast IPAs are, but not as soft as our regular IPAs. More body than our Westcoast IPAs, but not as much as our regular IPAs. Just as much aroma as our Westcoast IPAs, which means just as much aroma as our regular IPAs. The truth lands somewhere in the middle; a pillowy hazy body with a nice mouthfeel and smooth texture is made more drinkable with a mild hop bite that sparks the palate like static shock. An orange-juice-forward hop profile strikes the perfect balance between the fruity esters of the northeast and the citrus hop kick of the southwest. The result is an aromatically charged IPA that’s tighter than a glove and can chop a lot of game in any beer bar whether it’s in Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento, Monterey, San Mateo, or right across the water in the Biggity Biggity O.

Lilith: (8.0% abv)
Remember those days before Triple IPAs and Pastry Stouts? You know, back when you would get excited when your bottle shop would get in some world-class beers from Belgium. Nothing too fancy, just a beer that has been dialed in over the last hundred and fifty years or so, essentially making it impossible for us to make something better in our lifetime. Our humble attempt at doing justice to the style is Lilith, a Belgian Golden Ale that is as simple in concept as it is complex in flavor. Aromas are primarily yeast-driven with bright notes of citrus peel, fresh cut grass, flower gardens, and a spicy finish with white pepper, coriander, and tea leaf. Start to finish, this strong Golden Ale is a showcase of restraint and admiration, letting the classic ingredients shine and doing our best to stay out of their way. Prickly carbonation rips the subtle bready and doughy flavors off your taste buds and mixes them around with a balanced hop bitterness and grassy floral notes that tie everything together. We highly suggest coming in and grabbing a glass of Lilith Belgian Golden Ale and savoring all of its subtleties, then come back in 150 years and try it again and see if we accomplished our goal of making a beer worthy of our idols in Belgium.

Caribbean Queen: (5.4% abv)
From atop our brewery’s roof, if the sun shines hard enough to burn away the bay’s semi-permanent blanket of fog, we are gifted beautiful views of sailboats dancing across the San Francisco Bay. Daydreams of what it’s like to be on one of those boats float through our heads as sweat from the brewday drips to the ground. While on the boats they are enjoying their tiki drinks, while we’ll be alleviating the heat with some Caribbean Queen. Inspired by a blend of various tiki drinks, the result is a beer soured to the point of mouth puckering acidity and is then fermented with passion fruit, red sour cherries, oranges, limes, and El Dorado hops. The result is an over the top fruity Catamaran of a sour beer ripping through your palate and leaving only tart and juicy greatness in its wake.

8105 SE Stark
Portland, OR