Two Birthdays and a new cider patio; beer and cider events for the week of June 24-28

Kiki Sherard of Burnside Brewing. (FoystonFoto)
30 down, 170 to go: Kiki Sherard works her way steadily through a case of limes recently in the brewery at Burnside Brewing Co. Given the popularity of Burnside’s Lime Kolsch, it was neither the first nor the last time she would wield a microplane zester for the best part of an afternoon. According to brewer Chip Conlon, the popular Kolsch is on tap and available in 22-oz. bottles through the hot months until some time in August, when it’ll be replaced in the rotation by Sunsplash Kolsch, which is brewed with sweet orange and sorrel. (FoystonFoto)

Two birthdays and a new cider patio; beer and cider events for the week of June 24-28.

Fruit Cider Invitational
4-8 p.m. Friday June 24, 2-8 p.m. Saturday June 25, Cider Riot, 807 NE Couch St.;
Break in Cider Riot’s new patio and taste limited edition special fruit infused ciders from Cider Riot! and other Oregon cidermakers including Reverend Nat’s, Swift, Apple Outlaw, Baird and Dewar Farmhouse, Portland Cider, and more. Cider Riot! lineup to include: Oregon Hardy Kiwi, Corumdum Fragraria, cask-conditioned Rudy’s cranberry hibiscus cider, Lemmy’s Summer Camp, and Chaos de Tejas Blood Orange Amarillo hopped cider and more.

Rev. Nat’s at Loyal Legion
5-8 p.m. Friday June 24, Loyal Legion, 705 SE Sixth Ave,
The Legion will be pouring several Rev. Nat’s ciders, tapping a special firkin and serving cider-infused food Friday.

Rev. Nat’s Taproom Third Anniversary
Noon-close Saturday June 25, Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider Taproom, 1813 N.E. Second Ave.; 21 & over only.
Rev Nat’s celebrates the Taproom’s third year with sun, kiddie pools, food (Chicken Tepache and Pork Passion sausages from World Foods and veggie burgers) and Sizzle Pie will be selling slices of The Reverend all day long. Also: DJs from Freeform radio, and of course, ciders including:

Rev Nat Kegs:
Revival Hard Apple
Hallelujah Hopricot
The Passion
Deliverance Ginger Tonic
Coalition/Rev Nat’s Hopland in Space
Sacrilege Sour Cherry
Revival Dry
Revelation Newtown Pippin
Spicy Hot Tepache!

Eight Guest Kegs:
2 Towns – Return of the Mac – Foudre-aged MacIntosh ice cider
Rack and Cloth – Good Fences
Liberty – Golden Russet
Alpenfire Shrub
Anthem – Cosmo Cider
Schilling – Cabernet barrel aged Chaider
Cider Riot – Blue Hawaiian – smells like pineapple, tastes like blueberries
Finnriver – PearWood – bittersweet apple wine with oak and pear juice

Baerlic 2nd Anniversary

Baerlic Turns Two
6-10 p.m. Tuesday June 28, Baerlic Brewing Co., 2235 SE 11th Ave.;
The Baerlic Brewing crew is keeping the second anniversary laid back and low profile so they can party too. They’ll have the brewery opened up with cornhole, big jenga and some very special beers pouring on the back taps:

2nd Anniversary Brett Pale Ale
Oktobaerfest 2015
WoodWorker Bourbon Old Blood & Guts Barleywine 2014
WoodWorker Pinot Mtn Of Gold Belgian Golden Stong 2015
WoodWorker Bourbon Ninety Bob Scottish Ale NITRO
Primeval Sour Bruin 2014
And More…

Here’s what Rik Hall and Ben Parsons said a couple of years ago, when they opened the doors at Baerlic. Since then, they’ve lived to and surpassed their opriginal promise and become an integral part of Portland’s brewing community while developing their own identity…

Born out of an undying passion for the perfect pint of beer, Baerlic Brewing Company is a collaborative entity created by Ben Parsons and Richard Hall. After years of brewing on the small scale in a basement and winning numerous awards in amateur competitions all over the region, Parsons and Hall decided they should finally give in to the voices in their heads and move toward a small scale production brewery and taproom.

“When we say The Beer Here Is Near And Dear, we mean it,” says co-owner and brewer Ben Parsons. “We strive to work in as close a proximity as possible for all our ingredients, materials, vendors, supplies, and suppliers. And that allows us to absolutely love the beer that we brew.” Baerlic is focused on brewing the beers they love to drink and doing it in a way that respects the history and art of brewing while also pushing the boundaries on styles and processes.

“I think the biggest thing we have learned in this process is that Baerlic is not just us, Rik and Ben, and we absolutely could not have done this without the support of our wives and families, and all the incredible friends we have made along the way,” said Hall, co-owner and brewer. “The Portland beer scene is incredibly friendly and supportive and we consider this a friends and family business and want to build something that tells that story. Beer is an amazing and communal thing and we strive to emphasize that in our beers and our taproom.”