Pono Brewing Expands With The Purchase of Two Fermentors

Larry Clouser, Josh Huerta, and Erick Russ of Pono Brewing.

Prior to summer, Pono Brewing will receive two custom designed 20-barrel fermenters built by local fabricator Practical Fusion. Pono Brewing anticipated delivery of the two fermenters in early June where the brewer will place them inside Zoiglhaus Brewing where it contract brews a majority of its beers.

These two custome designed fermenters will allow Pono Brewing mor flexibility as it relates to recipes and batch sizes. Each tank was built with an extra manway, and three separate cooling zones.

“The second manway and extra cooling zones gives me the flexibility I need to brew with nontraditional ingredients and in various volumes,” said co-owner Larry Clouser in a statement.

Pono’s production expansion with these two new fermenters will also change the brewery’s status from contract brewer to alternative proprietorship at Zoiglhaus Brewing. In 2017, Pono Brewing was able to produce over 400 barrels, while sharing brew space and at peak brewing times nbattling for tank space.

Being able to meet order demands for the market moves Pono Brewing one step closer to its ultimate goal of opening a commercial brew space that they can call their own.