Proper Pint Taproom Opens In Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood

After spending many months building out his new space, Sean Hiatt is happy to serve you a beer at his newly opened Proper Pint Taproom on SE 52nd Avenue and SE Woodstock Boulevard.

Another new beer centric taproom opened today in Portland. And this new spot is in a growing neighborhood that has been clamoring for such a spot. Today Sean Hiatt and Casey Milligan opened the doors to their new Proper Pint Taproom.

Proper Pint Taproom will be the first bar in the Woodstock neighborhood that will focus on craft beer from various breweries both near and afar. Featuring 24 taps, 19 that are devoted to beer including two for nitro, four taps pouring cider and a forthcoming tap dedicated to wine.

Located on SE 52nd Avenue, just a few steps northwest of SE Woodstock Boulevard, Proper Pint Taproom shares a building with a yoga studio and the soon to open location of Heart Roasters Coffee. So this newly constructed building essentially is Portland wrapped into one location!

Upon entering Proper Pint Taproom the first thing that greets you is its two-door glass fronted cooler. Currently stocked with various 4-pack and 6-pack can beers, this cooler will eventually evolve into a higher end curated selection of more rare and hard to find beer.

Sean Hiatt pouring a beer at Proper Pint Taproom with the beer menu above created by the Cricut Air Machine.

Past the cooler sits the inviting 10-seat bar and multiple tall and short tables catch your attention. The amazing aspect of the taproom’s aesthetics is all of the detailed hand construction completed by Hiatt. From the reflective stainless steel tiled backsplash behind the taps to the hand crafted tables and chairs, Proper Pint radiates the beauty of wood and copper throughout the building. And if you want to catch some sports, there are 3 large screen TVs.

One of the two communal tables with custom made leather seat stools by Sean Hiatt at Proper Pint Taproom.
The custom hand made leather seat wood chairs made by Sean Hiatt at Proper Pint Taproom adds to the ambiance.

Then a look to the outdoor seating area shows off two large communal tables and another seating area that wraps around a long, narrow fire pit. This outdoor area will be popular all of the way into the beginning of our rainy season later this year.

But what really counts is the tap list. Hiatt spent that past few years managing The Civic Taproom near Providence Park. Here he developed and established solid relationships with distributors and its breweries. The beer selection pouring on the first day is sure to please any craft beer fan with many beer styles flowing through the 19 beer taps.

Beers are available in various sizes from 4-ounce, 8-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce pours. And the 16-ounce pours are poured into a glass that will truly hold a “proper pint”. In the coming days Hiatt will add taster trays of 4-ounce beers to allow patrons to sample the 20 or so offerings.

The glassware at Proper Pint Taproom promotes an honest pint.
Every glass at Proper Pint Taproom will show the proper amount of beer.

Another interesting aspect of the space is the beer menu board. Hiatt was looking for something different that a menu on a TV or a chalkboard. What he found was a Cricut Air Machine that features a printer that cuts stencil looking signs. Its these signs that hang above the taps that list the bar’s 24 beverage options.

The 10-seat bar at Proper Pint Taproom.
The outdoor fire pit at Proper Pint Taproom.

Proper Pint Taproom is open daily from Noon until Midnight. Feel free to bring in your own food, as the establishment will not have a kitchen. Follow Proper Pint Taproom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Proper Pint Taproom
5965 SE 52nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97206


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