Block 15 Brewing Spring 2020 Beer Releases

image of Emerging Sunshine IPA courtesy of Block 15 Brewing
image of Emerging Sunshine IPA courtesy of Block 15 Brewing

As we transition into Spring next month, Block 15 Brewing has a few new beer releases in store during the month of March. The Corvallis base brewer will release a Spring Seasonal IPA with Emerging Sunshine IPA and Belgian inspired ales with Illuminated Belgian-Style Tripel Ale, and Turbulent Illumination.

Here are further details on each of these three beers with descriptions from the brewery.

Emerging Sunshine IPA
Available March – May
Crisp, refreshing, and bursting with citrus, mango, and floral hop notes—this golden IPA is inspired by budding hops and spring sunshine chasing away the winter haze. Brewed often and canned fresh, look for Emerging Sunshine around the Pacific Northwest this spring.
6.75% ABV
$3.25 / 16oz can, plus deposit

Illuminated Belgian-Style Tripel Ale
Available March – May
Brewed with an array of imported Belgian grains, Illuminatedis a complex sipper, balancing refined malt notes with a classic Belgian yeast profile. In traditional Belgian fashion, our tripel leads out with rich, sweet flavors, but finishes surprisingly crisp and subtle on the palate.
Look for this spring entry in our seasonal Abbey Series at Block 15 accounts around the PNW.
9% ABV
$5.00 / 500mL bottle

Turbulent Illumination – Blend of Belgian Tripel and Spontaneous Wild Ale
Release Date March 13th at Block 15
This unique 50/50 blend of young and old features stock from two Belgian-inspired beers, beautifully harmonizing familiar flavors and aromas to produce a complex blend that feels altogether new. Our young Belgian tripel, Illuminated, contributes classic Trappist notes of honey, golden raisins, and spice. Our lambic-inspired and spontaneously fermented wild ale, Turbulent Consequence, brightens the blend with citrusy acidity and flavors of orchard fruit, tropical fruit, and a rustic wild funk.
8.5% ABV
$11.50 / 500mL bottle