Mt. Hood Brewing Co. Releases Timberline Tucker Double IPA

image of Mt. Hood Brewing Timberline Tucker Double IPA courtesy of Timberline Lodge

When winter arrives on Mt. Hood there’s nothing better than hitting the slopes. This ski season will see a new release from Mt. Hood Brewing Co. in Government Camp with Timberline Tucker Double IPA on draft and in cans.

Brewed to honor the iconic snowcat at Timberline Lodge, Tucker, this beer showcases the brewery’s long time relationship with the historic Timberline Lodge.

Timberlline Lodge Tucker Snowcat from Winter 2017.

Timberline Tucker Double IPA is brewed with Strata hops that were developed at Oregon State University’s hop breeding program. This hop once known as X-331 came out of OSU’s program, as it is currently being grown in small quantities.

Timberline Tucker Double IPA is a massive punch of grapefruit and pine, with a solid platform of rich malt to balance. Available in cans and on tap, Timberline Tucker can be enjoyed at the Mt. Hood Brewing Co. in Government Camp and at the Y’Bar and Phlox Point Cabin at Timberline Lodge.