pFriem Family Brewers Launches 16oz Cans of Seasonal & Limited Release Beers

pFriem Family Brewers 2022 Spring Seasonals in new 16oz cans

February 7th, 2022 – Hood River, Oregon – Award winning pFriem Family Brewers officially announced that they will transition seasonal & limited 500ml bottled beers to 16oz/4pack cans. The brewery will roll out the new package starting with their Spring Seasonal and Limited Classics beginning in March and will distribute throughout Oregon and Washington. The core line-up of Pilsner, IPA, and Hazy IPA will remain in single serve 500ml bottles through late 2022 and 12oz/6pack cans beyond that.

“We are incredibly excited to bring our diverse line up of limited and seasonal beers into 16oz/4packs of cans! These beers, whether a Lager or hop forward ale, are meant for casual drinking occasions and now will be easier to bring on your outdoor adventure, backyard hangout, or to your kitchen counter!” Josh Pfriem, Brewmaster/Co-Founder of pFriem Family Brewers.

Like many of pFriem’s creations, their 16oz can package is unique to the craft beer market. “It was important to us that we translate the elegance and premium quality of our 500ml bottles to the branding on the 16oz cans. Though labeling the beers was logistically necessary due to the vast variety of styles we produce, we weren’t happy with other label examples out in the market. Just as we did with our 3 label, 500ml bottles back in 2015, we sought out an innovative look. The result was a smaller label wrap on a single printed matte black can. Fans will be able to easily identify their favorite pFriem beer with the bold pFriem badge as well as some new PNW inspired artwork on the can.”

pFriem has spent the last two years upgrading its facility and enhancing its infrastructure to make way for canning at larger volumes. “Similar to what we did with the purchase and commissioning of our new GEA Craftstar 50 Hectoliter brewhouse, our goal was to increase throughput, boost efficiency, and most importantly to take our can beer quality to the next level.” said Josh Pfriem.

In order to achieve this, pFriem selected the Krones and Kosme Group’s 16 fill-valve Canto filler with a 4 head Krones seamer. “Krones is a world class manufacturer of packing equipment. They are known for achieving some of the lowest oxygen pickups, consistent fills, and providing innovative filling technology,” explains Josh Pfriem. “What this means to the beer drinker is that pFriem continues to invest in quality in every form possible. This makes sure our canned beer has the highest integrity and the longest shelf life possible. It is still important to drink fresh beer that is stored cold, but our new canning line will keep that canned beer’s flavor and aroma as close as possible to the day it was packaged in the can.”

pFriem Lager Seasonals will retail at $2.99 16oz single serve can or $11.99 4-pack. pFriem IPA and Pale Seasonals as well as other Classic Limited will retail at $3.49 16oz single serve can or $13.99 4-pack.

pFriem Family Brewers (pronounced “freem”) is a Northwest and European inspired brewery and tasting room in Hood River, OR. Founded in 2012, pFriem has experienced incredible growth in the past nine & half years and has earned prestigious awards, including being named GABF® 2018 Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year, Three-Time Brewery of the Year by the Beer Connoisseur, and numerous medals in national and international brewing competitions. Best known for artisanal beers influenced by the great brewers of Europe while staying true to

homegrown roots in the Pacific Northwest, pFriem craft beers are unmistakably unique in both flavor and balance.

Visit pFriem online at, or onsite daily at 707 Portway Ave., Suite 101, Hood River, OR 97031.