The Great Christmas Beer Advent Calendar

Parallel 49 Black Christmas CDA

Candy CaneBy Sara Hancock

There are just so many great seasonal beers out this time of year that I have decided to embark upon a twenty-four beer marathon leading up to Christmas Day. Think of it like an advent calendar but for grown-ups so instead of chalky milk chocolate snowmen you get a craft beer.

Candy CaneI am now more than ten days into the advent calendar and there have been some ups and some downs. I have included beers from many different breweries and locations, I have included many different styles and strengths but ultimately what makes a great Christmas beer will be somewhat subjective.

Do you want a hoppy crisp Northwest coast ale on Christmas morn? Or do you prefer to snuggle up fireside with a robust and spicy stout? Maybe you like a liqoury winter warmer as a nightcap after a long day skiing? While we may not always agree on what makes the best beer choice for the holidays I hope you enjoy learning about the many wondrous winter options out there.

So please follow along on as I continue to explore one new Christmas/Winter/Seasonal beer each day and then review and rate them on my trademarked (I wish) candy cane rating system. Like actually seeing Santa on Christmas Eve I remain vigilant in my efforts to locate (and drink) that elusive ten candy cane beer.

Happy Holidays and Joyeux Noel!