The Beer Traveler – Sustainability with Hopworks' Christian Ettinger

Hopworks Urban BreweryIn this webisode of The Beer Traveler, Charlie heads over to Hopworks Urban Brewery‘s main brewpub in Southeast Portland to sample some sustainable and organic beers from founder and brewmaster Christian Ettinger. Christian always has time for a beer and his is of the award-winning world-class variety. In the midst of winter, Ettinger discusses the new canned offerings from HUB, Oregon’s only 100% organic brewery. Mostl of the food served at HUB is organic, too. In fact everything in the brewery from the light fixtures to the reclaimed materials that make up the walls and bar tops is evidence of this ongoing effort for an optimally sustainable business. And as Ettinger states, HUB is “trying to lead by example”, and if the beer and ambiance of the two pubs is any indication, it looks like they’re doing a great job!