"For The Love of Beer" Trailer Release

In case you missed Alison Grayson‘s trailer for her forthcoming documentary titled “For The Love of Beer,” here’s a look at it now.

As you can tell from watching the trailer (which made us misty eyed [great job Alison!]), the focus of the film is women in the craft beer community. Special guests at the event included Bend Brewmaster Tonya Cornett, Lisa “The Beer Goddess” Morrison, Pink Boots Society’s Teri Fahrendorf, and Saraveza proprietor Sarah Pederson.

The trailer release event at Saraveza served as a fund raiser for Grayson to complete the full-length documentary. The staff of Saraveza graciously opened on this Tuesday (the establishment is usually closed on this day) to pitch in for the cause. Special kegs included Bend Axehead Red, Fort George Working Girl Porter, and Lucky Labrador Triple Threat IPA, and special bottles of Upright Brewing beer were also available. All proceeds went toward the production of the film. However, more help is needed. We strongly encourage you to make a tax deductible donation to help in this wonderful project.

“Its not for feminism or equality…its for The Love of Beer.”

For more information, visit To give, call Alison Grayson at 267 455-3714 or email info (at) fortheloveofbeer (dot) net

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