Barley's Angels Worldwide Launch

Barley's Angels

Join Lisa “Beer Goddess” Morrison, author of the upcoming book Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest and host of the weekly radio show, “Beer O’Clock!,” for the first-ever meeting of the Beer O’Clock Chapter of Barley’s Angels — a worldwide organization intent on helping women chart their own good-beer journeys.

Sayeth the Beer Goddess: “We will taste and compare at least six beers, pairing them with some fantastic snacks, learning a bit about recent developments regarding beer as a healthy addition to your diet. This will be held in the new brewery at Fort George, so there will also be a brewery tour and you can learn first-hand how beer is brewed.”

Toronto … London … Sidney … Astoria! This ladies-only gathering marks the official worldwide launch of Barley’s Angels, as chapters in Toronto, Canada; London, England; and Sidney, Australia, and possibly others are also holding their first Barley’s Angels meetings on the same weekend! Be a part of beer herstory!

Date: Sunday, Feb. 20, 2-5 p.m. Where: Fort George Brewing’s New Brewery, 1483 Duane St., Astoria, OR Cost: $35 per person, available now at Fort George This event is always a sell-out, so get your tickets today! E-mail or stop in Fort George to sign up. Questions? Call 503 325-PINT

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