This is a Sabotage!

By Marc Demeule

I’m not upset at all.  It is a physical law that makes that a batch of beer possibly become empty.  That’s what happened with one of the last creations of Le Bénélux, an India pale ale named Sabotage.  According to the beer geek crew of Montréal, this IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops is a real hoppy experience.

I simply wanted to make my own opinion of this brew and share it to you.  It seems that I showed up too late and missed out.  It could have been a real sabotage, but two new beers were waiting for my thirsty throat.  The Okto (Marzen) comes with an important amount of malt and caramel taste.  It is a sweet beer, but all this malt doesn’t bring a too sugared taste.  Also, I could have the Moisson (Harvest ale bitter).  Fine touch of caramel form the malt with a slight touch of fresh hops that gives an easy drinking beer with no compromise on quality.  I couldn’t complain about the lack of Sabotage because the Cuda (West Coast IPA) was on service.  I really like this IPA with its huge aroma of grapefruit and resinous hops, so I try to have a glass at every visit.

The beerfolio at Le Bénélux is constantly upgrading, so it is for the quality of their products.  If you consider taking a flight to visit us in Montréal, don’t miss this brewpub.  On November 13th, Le Bénélux will host three events.  First, they will present a cask night, featuring guest casks from of Québec’s best breweries.  Secondly there will be the book launch of La route des grands crus de la bière – Québec et Nouvelle-Angleterre, a beer guide that showcases the best that Québec and New England brewers have to offer.  And if is it not enough to convince you, the third event will be my delayed birthday party.  Whatever you prefer, come and have a pint with us!

Au plaisir.

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