Ales & Tales @ By The Bottle

By The Bottle founders Dave and Arlene Nunez share a laugh and a beer at My Beery Valentine 3 @ SaravezaWe will be having an animal communicator in to help you have a conversation with your pet!  The fee is $20 for a 15 minute session and if you’d like to reserve your spot, we highly recommend responding to this email ASAP so that we can reserve your time slot. Please do keep in mind that there will be several kinds of animals here at once so you may need to create a safe spot for your pet before or after their reading.
We will also be pouring some delicious animal themed beers (think Dog Fish head and Bison).  The beer will be $5 for 4 2-oz pourings.

You are welcome to come just for the pet communicator or just for the beer!