Apex Grand Opening!

“As you may know, I’ve been working on opening a beer bar here in Portland.  Well, the time has finally come and I’d like to invite you to help me break it in properly.  I’ll be opening sometime in the next couple of weeks as soon as my final permits come through, but I want everybody to know that the official “Grand Opening” will be on Friday, May 7th.  As it happens, a nice little band called High on Fire is playing on Wednesday the 5th at a small venue here in town.  It would be a good double header to visit Portland for a couple of “memorable” days.  Anyway, the bar’s called APEX.  The website’s still under development, but since you can’t drink beer over the internet yet anyway, what matters is that the beer will be flowing here.  I hope you can make it to join me for the celebration.”  -Jesse McCann, publican and Apex founder