10 Barrel Brewing Launches Pub Ice in Three Flavors

The line up of Pub Ice from 10 Barrel Brewing includes three flavors – Fruit Punch, Original and Screwdriver.

One Oregon brewery that continues to offer alternatives to only beer is 10 Barrel Brewing. Through the years the Bend, Oregon based brewer has added hard seltzers, cider, canned cocktails, non-alcoholic beer and most recently, flavored malt beverages to its diverse beverage portfollio. After selling Pub Ice for the past year or so solely at its two Bend tasting rooms, 10 Barrel has now launched a complete lineup of Pub Ice in three flavors – Original, Screwdriver and Fruit Punch – for all to consume!

As a line extension to its popular Pub Beer and its marketing campaign of ‘Cheap Fun’, the new Pub Ice brings back a bit of nostalgia of flavored malt beverages (FMB) with an updated flavor profile to reflect contemporary tastes. We can honestly state that we had our fair share of Smirnoff Ice and Zima while drinking in our formative years. And these new flavors of Pub Ice hit the mark.

What separates Pub Ice from many others is the use of real fruit juice and no artificial flavors. Both the two new offerings of Screwdriver and Fruit Punch use 11% juice to create its tempting flavor. However, it does not end just there as Pub Ice also contains 15% fewer calories and 20% fewer carbs than its leading competitor, all at a more favorable retail price.

Serving some Pub Ice in Fruit Punch, Screwdriver, and Original flavors. (image courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing)

“We’re thrilled to introduce Pub Ice to the world,” said Brian Hughes, Marketing Director at 10 Barrel Brewing. “It’s a drink that embodies the ‘Cheap Fun’ culture so many fans know and love, appreciable both as a delicious, thirst-quenching refreshment, and as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. It’s the perfect drink to add even more fun to any gathering or celebration.”

Now available in the three flavors of Original, Screwdriver and Fruit Punch, Pub Ice sits at a sessionable 4.5% ABV. All three flavors hold their own, but the Screwdriver comes out on top for us. This one contains a pleasant addition of orange flavors that makes for a pleasant substitution for a weekend mimosa. When it comes to Fruit Punch, this conjures up memories of Hawaiian Punch and Original is just as expected, similar to the FMB’s of yore.

Pub Ice is now available in three flavors at fine retailers across the country in 12oz bottle 6-packs, 12oz bottle 12-pack Variety Pack and 12oz can 12-pack Variety Pack. It’ll also be available for purchase soon directly from the 10 Barrel website. For more information, visit 10 Barrel Brewing.

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