Elysian Great Pumpkin Roadshow Oregon Tour

Elysian Oregon Pumpkin Roadshow

Press Release:

Couldn’t make it up to Seattle for Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Fest this year?

GOOD NEWS!! Elysian is taking their Great Pumpkin Beer Fest on the road via their GREAT PUMPKIN ROADSHOW TOUR!!

Known for being the nation’s most pumpkin obsessed Brewery, Elysian just held their 11th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Seattle, where they featured over 80 pumpkin beers and tapped several 1000+ pound pumpkins full of beer for a sold out crowd!

For the Elysian Great Pumpkin Roadshows, one location per city is chosen to host the pumpkin party and feature Elysian’s super limited pumpkin beers on tap. Here is a list of places you’ll find the Roadshows this month in Oregon, plus a heads up on their 2nd Annual Belmont

Beer Crawl in Portland:

October 14 – BEND – Platypus Pub (Pumpkin tapping at 7pm)
October 15 – ASHLAND – The Great Pumpkin Ashland Beer Crawl – Granite Taphouse, Brickhouse, Oberons, Red Zone, Taqueria Picaro
October 16 – EUGENE – The Bier Stein (Pumpkin tapping at 7pm)
October 17 – PORTLAND – The Green Dragon – Killer Pumpkin Fest (Pumpkin tapping at 5pm)
October 29 – PORTLAND – The Great Pumpkin Belmont Beer Crawl – Circa 33, Barebones, The Liquor Store, Belmont Inn & Side Street

Orange attire and costumes encouraged!!

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