Favorite Beers of 2008

With 2009 less then 24 hours away many will reminisce of events that made 2008 an unforgettable year. Here at Brewpublic we would like to look back at 2008 with those of you that visit the site and remember some of our favorite beers of this past year. Whether they were newly released to the market or just an old favorite you particular enjoyed, here are some top 5 lists from various members of the beer community. The list of beers are in no particular order:

Arlene Nunez , By the Bottle in Vancouver, WA

Arlene Nunez
Arlene Nunez

1. Top Sail Porter from Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, OR

2. Pike Entire from Pike Brewing in Seattle, WA

3. Pumking from Southern Tier in Lakewood, NY

4. 2nd Anniversary Ale from Port Brewing in San Marcos, CA

5. Triple Exultation from Eel River in Fortuna, CA

Yvette Uber, Oregon Brew Crew and Horse Brass

Yvette (left) and Jeremy of the OBC
Yvette (left) and Jeremy of the OBC

1. Vortex IPA from Fort George

2. Walktopus from Walking Man

3. St. Bernardus Noel

4. JUPY Monolith

5. Habanero Chocolate Stout from Root Brewing

Bill It’s Pub Night blog

Bill, It's Pub Night
Bill, It's Pub Night

1. Calypso from Roots Brewing

2. Double Cinder Cone from Deschutes Brewing (tempted to put Fresh Hop Mirror Pond here…)

3. El Diablo from Hopworks Urban Brewing

4. Hop Czar from Bridgeport Brewing

5. Malt Bomb Belgain from Lucky Lab (thought about putting LL Wheat Stout here)

At any given time I might swap some of those out with Full Sail 21 or Oakshire Espresso Stout.

Gordon (left) and Capt. Neil

Neil Yandow (aka Captain),  Belmont Station

1. E.S. BAM!

2. Oppigards Well Hopped Lager

3. Saison De Pipaix (vintage 1995)

4. Fantome Strange Ghost (two year old bottle)

5. Alaskan Smoked Porter (Vintage 2006, still have 3-4 gallons left in this croney keg)

Ken Kane, Guest on Tap journalist

Scott Fox (left) Ken Kane (right)
Scott Fox (left) Ken Kane (right)

1. JW Lee’s 2006 Special Harvest Ale (2007, too, in all of their aged permutations!)

2. Jim 2008 from Hair of the Dog

3. 21st Anniversary Dopplebock from Full Sail

4. Old Knucklehead No. 12 from Bridgeport Brewing

5. Black Butte XX from Deschutes Brewing

Margaret Lut, Contributing writer for Brewpublic

Margaret at Holdiay Ale Fest 2008
Margaret at Holiday Ale Fest 2008

1. Fresh Hopped Mirror Pond fromDeschutes Brewing

2. White Woods Wit from Elysian Brewing

3. Black Panther Imperial Stout from Golden Valley Brewing

4. Pumking from Southern Tier

5. Double Stout from Green Flash in Vista, CA

Angelo De Ieso, Brewpublic

Angelo:  the future looks bright
Angelo: the future looks bright

1.  Russian River Sanctification

2.  Hopworks Lager

3.  Boon Marriage Parfait

4.  Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler

5. Boundary Bay Dry-Hopped IPA

6. Fort George South (ok that’s six…)

Ella and Aaron hard at work
Ella and Aaron hard at work

Aaron Miles, Brewpublic

1. Full Sail Old Boardhead ’07

2. Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood

3. Alameda El Torerro IPA

4. Walking Man Big Black Homo

5. Pilsner Urquell

Do you have a fave 5?  Let us know…