KLCC Here We Come!

We are amped up to get down to Eugene for the KLCC Festival.  Lots of interesting and refreshing beers and great folks to share them with.  Here’s a little sneak peak of what we hope to experience at the micro brew fest:

Ninkasi Double Sasquatch: Another beer that will supposedly wow.  Our pal Peter Vaughn Shaver clued us in that this brew is a gem of beer and will make the whole festival worth while.  Glen Hay Falconer is the man who craft brew minds from Eugene will not soon forget.  His Wild Duck Brewing beers have inspired this next generation in artisanal suds.  This could very well be thee buzz beer at 2009 KLCC.

Hopworks Sasquatch Strong Ale: Another indication that the spirit of the great Falconer will never die. This America Strong Ale was brewed in collaboration with the Eugene area brewers to celebrate the life of our fallen brewing brother.  According to the mighty Ettinger, this recipe is based on Glen’s flagship brew.

Brewers Union Local 180 Brews: The cask only Brit-styled brewery from Oakridge Oregon will have some one of a kind brews on hand.  According to owner/brewer Ted Sobel “The Brewers Union Local 180 will be there with 2 cask ales, served through beer engines and sparklers. We will be testing our traveling stillage and cooling system, which consists of ziplock baggies and clothespins, in order to keep the casks at cellar temperature.

I will have Union Dew, an abnormal IPA, ABV 5.5%; am having trouble with the finings on this one, so I hope some portion of the cask won’t taste like fish guts. Also, two aging casks of Cumbrian Moor, an English Porter, ABV 3.2%.”  Mmm…fish guts…


FEBRUARY 6 – 7, 2009
Friday & Saturday
5-11 pm

Lane Events Center
Exhibit Hall
796 W 13th, Eugene OR

A microbrew tasting event to benefit KLCC 89.7 FM.
Thank you for helping us keep the FUN in fundraising!

Featuring more than 40 breweries form the West Coast and beyond.

$15 admission
Includes souvenir glass plus 2 beer tastings!
Additional tastings $1 each.

For More Information visit http://www.klcc.org/News.asp?NewsID=31