Widmer Brothers Brewing Kicks Off 2016 With The Return of Hopside Down IPL

Widmer Brothers Brewing Hopside Down IPL Re-Launch Party

Widmer Brothers Brewing rings in the New Year by combining the best elements of a lager and an ale to re-launch its popular seasonal, Hopside Down India Pale Lager. Now in its third incarnation, once as the best selling release of Widmer’s Rotator IPA Series and its second consecutive year as the brewery’s spring seasonal, Hopside Down IPL is ready for its official 2016 reboot.

Hopside Down IPL is said to combine the best of both worlds: the hoppiness of a traditional IPA, with the clean character and finish of a cold-fermented lager. The approachable style captures the essence of spring with a blend of a crisp lager and the hoppy aroma and flavor of an IPA.

“Spring is a really interesting season in the beer industry,” said Rob Widmer, co-founder of Widmer Brothers in a release. “There are no clear parameters in the spring, and you’ll see a wide variety of seasonal styles from different brewers – from porters and dark lagers to saisons and IPAs. We feel like Hopside Down IPL does a great job of representing the season as a hybrid of styles. The beer is a crisp lager with a bready malt heft, a moderate ABV, and big floral hop aroma and flavor.”

To make this third launch of Hopside Down IPL more intriguing the folks at Widmer have a special launch party at the Widmer Brothers Brewery and Pub in North Portland on January 14, 2016 from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The launch party will feature Hopside Down being poured side-by-side with fresh-hop infused Hopside Down, which will be running through Randalls filled with different hop varietals. Partygoers will be able to try these different varieties to taste the effects of different types of hops on the base beer.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Hopside Down IPL Bottle (photo courtesy of Widmer Brothers Brewing)
Widmer Brothers Brewing Hopside Down IPL Bottle (photo courtesy of Widmer Brothers Brewing)

Hopside Down IPL Stats

  • MALTS: Caramel 10L, Pale
  • HOPS: Alchemy for bittering, and Cascade for aroma
  • OG: 15.0 P
  • AE: 2.5 P
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • Color: 8.0 L
  • IBU: 50

Hopside Down IPL is now available across the country on-draught and in six- and 12-packs, as well as in Widmer Brothers’ variety 12-pack.

Widmer Brothers Pub
955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227