Loowit Brewing Announces Expansion Plans

Loowit Brewing plans for expansion. (image courtesy of Loowit Brewing)

Founded seven years ago by Devon Bray and Thomas Poffenroth, Loowit Brewing has been part of the revitalization of downtown Vancouver when it opened its doors five years ago in 2012. During the past few years Loowit has been awarded accolades and medals for a few of its beers. In 2016 the brewery won a Silver Award at the World Beer Cup for its Grimlock Rye Porter.

As the brewery continues to grow in volume and taking its tasting room to the next level, Loowit Brewing  announces a major expansion during 2017. The company has secured funding to increase production and also build out a kitchen to begin offering food service and transition itself into a true brewpub. This expansion will also bring with it a patio with outdoor seating along with an expanded lineup of beer taps.

“We are essentially doubling our retail footprint in our existing location,” said Bray in a statement. “The addition of a pub to our space will give us a great platform to share our love of local beer and engage the community even more, all while we continue to produce the excellent beer people know and expect from the Loowit brand.”

Thomas Poffenroth and Devon Bray of Loowit Brewing.

But just adding a new kitchen is no guarantee that customers will flock to the revamped pub. To help launch this new kitchen Loowit has brought on Ryan Dekarske to develop the kitchen and its menu. The idea is that Dekarske brings a wealth of experience in all things culinary, having worked in some of the best and busiest kitchens in the Vancouver area. Look for food service to begin at Loowit by late summer.

In addition to the new pub, Loowit’s expansion also builds upon the company’s production facilities. “Our production capacity will see a 60% increase with the addition of more fermentation and cellar space,” Bray said in a statement. “We brewed just over 2,000 barrels, equivalent to about 62,000 gallons or nearly 500,000 pints, of beer in 2016 and are projecting 2017 production to increase, approaching near the 3,000 barrel mark.”

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