Win $10K By Guessing the Flavor with Steel Reserve Alloy Series

Solve the Mystery with Steel Reserve and you win $10,000!
Solve the Mystery with Steel Reserve and you win $10,000!

When you think of Steel Reserve an image of a malt liquor in a brown bag may come to mind but its offshoot brand, Steel Reserve Alloy Series (SRAS), is full lineup of fruit flavor malt beverages. Now they have a Spiked Mystery Flavor that could fill someone’s pocket with $10,000!

This new Guess the Flavor contest will continue through October 31, 2020. Consumers will have a chance to try SRAS’s Mystery Flavor and submit their guess by either scanning the QR code found on the can, which will direct them to or by visiting the website directly to enter their submissions. To help guide those who participate in the contest, there will also be an opportunity for consumers to receive clues via email. There will only be one lucky winner of the $10,000 prize.

“Steel Reserve Alloy Series likes to have fun with its flavors, like Spiked Strawberry Burst and Tropic Storm, but for this release we wanted to keep things interesting and release a flavor with a mysterious twist,” said Sarah Walsh, Marketing Manager at Molson Coors, in a statement. “We’ve leaned into the element of ‘mystery’ because we’ve seen it done successfully by other brands, but not yet in the alcohol space and Steel Reserve Alloy Series felt like the perfect fit to launch its first Mystery Flavor because the brand is all about being bold and having some fun. Plus, it just might be the easiest $10,000 ever.”

Steel Reserve Alloy Series Mystery Can
Steel Reserve Alloy Series Mystery Can

To enter:

  • Just find a Mystery Flavor can, scan the QR code which will take you to, and submit your guess. Or, you can visit to enter your guess.
  • Those who participate will have a chance to opt-in to receive anywhere from 3-5 clues via the email they provided.
  • Correct guesses will be entered to win the $10,000 grand prize. Another bonus: anyone who participates is also entered to win $500. From there, a winner from the pool of correct answers will get randomly selected for choosing the correct flavor and win $10K.
  • Entries will be closed Saturday, October 31 (just in time for Halloween!), and winners will be selected and notified October 31 – November 20. The Mystery flavor will be announced on November 13.

The contest is open to legal residents of the U.S., who are 21 years or older. For official rules, including how to enter, a full list of eligibility, prize details, and restrictions, visit

Steel Reserve’s Mystery Flavor is 8% ABV and available in 16-oz and 24-oz cans for a limited time in select stores until supplies last.

UPDATE: MolsonCoors Reveals that the Steel Reserve Mystery Flavor is Spiked Tangerine!