A Behind The Scenes Look At Brewing Deliria and The Beer’s Release Party At Bazi

Stefaan Naeyaert, Export Manager; Alain De Laet, 4th generation family owner; and Hilda Stevens, Bazi proprietor. (photo by Hilda Stevens)

On January 21, 2017, 15 women representing 7 countries, speaking over 9 different languages gathered at Huyghe Brewery in the small town of Melle, Belgium for a common purpose – brew Deliria and celebrate women in the industry in preparation for International Women’s Day.

This year also commemorated the 5th celebration of “Ladies Day” and for the first time ever, Huyghe Brewery expanded its invitation outside of the European nations and two women from the United States were selected – Molly Gunn – co-owner of The Porter Beer Bar in Atlanta, GA and myself, Hilda Stevens, proprietor of Bazi Bierbrasserie in Portland, OR.

Every year, hundreds submit their application with only 15 being selected to brew. In the United States, the women were recommended by Wetten Importers, the official importer of the Huyghe brand which besides Deliria includes world award winning Delirium Tremens, Delirium Nocturnum, Delirium Red, Delirium Noel and La Guillotine. The women came from many aspects of life, from women who were born and raised in the Trappist land of Belgium, to restaurateurs, beer industry exporters, sales representatives, engineers and aspiring female brewers.

Adding powder sugar to the kettle in brewing Deliria from Delirium. (photo by Hilda Stevens)
Hilda and the rest of the ladies taking turns cleaning the large pressure filter after the mashing process in brewing Deliria. (photo by Hilda Stevens)
Tasting the wort of Deliria before being transported to the fermentation tanks. (photo by Hilda Stevens)

For one day, one beer united us all and for approximately 8 hours there were no walls, language barriers or borders, just a common desire to brew together and learn from one another. Outside of possibly being one of the highlights of my career as a beerpreneur, it was as much about representing my beer community in Portland as well as women in the industry worldwide. After brewing, we joined approximately 80 other women for a Tasting and Food Pairing seminar, history of Huyghe Brewery as well as an understanding of the Belgium beer industry and traditions.

The 2017 vintage of Deliria has now arrived to Portland, Oregon and on Sunday, April 16, Bazi Bierbrasserie will be hosting its release from 2-8 PM. Join me to celebrate a beer full of tradition, brewed by women. While we won’t have the Easter Bunny present, we guarantee an Easter egg hunt with lots of Pink Elephant swag.

Bottles of Deliria from Delirium. At the release the beer will be available in both bottles and on draft.

About Deliria, vintage 2017: 8.5% ABV, brewed once a year to mark International Women’s Day, a pleasant sparkling carbonate content produces a soft, full taste perception. The aroma is very balanced with a fruity, flowery background and initial Chardonnay impression which evolves into a spicy, mild aroma of hops. The taste is very full-bodied and is balanced with fruity tones of apple and Chardonnay grapes. Deliria has a fine, mild bitterness in its aftertaste and a splendid round feel in the mouth which evolves well.