Amendment Lager Makes its Debut from 21st Amendment Brewery

image of Amendment Lager courtesy of 21st Amendment Brewery

On its latest year-round beer release, 21st Amendment Brewery has introduced the new, easy drinking Amendment Lager. In its 24 years of brewing, Amendment Lager is the brewery’s first venture into the light lager category for the San Leandro, California based brewer.

With the campaign, “Beer We Want, Beer We Get!”, 21st Amendment is conjuring up images of American brewing heritage, just as Amendment Lager does. This new retro lager is built on light malt flavors accompanied by a subtle noble hop character. Its lean body and crisp finish make it an irresistible choice for every occasion. It’s not just a beer; it’s a bona fide good taste journey, crafted for those who appreciate a deliciously easy-drinking experience.

Amendment Lager comes with its own symbol of freedom: an overalls-clad bald eagle, which is a welcomed salute to blue-collar living. The reasonable pricing echoes a commitment to making great beer accessible to all.

“Amendment Lager is our response to the call for traditional, approachable options, catering to those who want a delicious beer without breaking the bank,” stated Nico Freccia, Co-Founder and COO of 21st Amendment Brewery.

At just 4.4% ABV, Amendment Lager is perfect for any drinking occasion. This one can be enjoyed during an afternoon cookout, at the ballgame, a concert or as a nightcap, maybe even paired with a shot of whiskey.

image of Amendment Lager courtesy of 21st Amendment Brewery

“We love our IPAs, but many of us desire a beer with a high level of drinkability,” said Shaun O’Sullivan, Co-Founder and Brewmaster at 21st Amendment Brewery. “At 4.4% ABV, Amendment Lager is that beer that you enjoy when you want more than a few (responsibly). With its crushable lighter body, it satisfies that urge we all have when you want to bring over a 12-pack and hang-out with friends, and not have it put a dent in your pocket book. Plus it fits perfectly in your fridge.”

Amendment Lager is available year-round on draft and in 12 oz, 12-packs in select locations where 21st Amendment Brewery distributes. For more information and to find some using their beer finder, please visit

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