Laurelwood Bottles Up More Wry Pale

Laurelwood Wry Pale Ale

It’s the time of year for Northwestern beer lovers to sate their palates with drinkable, refreshing, and hoppy brews that complement the longer and warmer days to come. The brewers at Laurelwood in conjunction with Green Bottling have just bottled up some of their delicious Wry Pale Ale.

Wry Pale Ale re-creates the American Pale with just a touch of rye malt. A generous dose of Cascade and Amarillo hops and a bit of dry hopping gives this ale an original flavor. The addition of a small amount of rye malt adds a unique dry and slightly spicy character to the beer making it exceptionally drinkable ale.  Brewmaster Chad Kennedy says, “The Wry Pale is actually one of our brewers’ favorites. It’s a super smooth beer with just the right touch of hops to make it a great beer for the warmer months.”

5.6 ABV / 40 IBU / 13 O.G.

Grab a 22-ouncer today!