Great Western Malting Launches New American Distillers Malts

image courtesy of Great Western Malting
image courtesy of Great Western Malting

VANCOUVER, WA.  January 24, 2022 – Great Western Malting, a premier malt processing business in the United States, has recently launched two unique malted barley products specifically crafted for the distilling industry: American Distillers High-Enzyme Malt and American Distillers Non-GN Malt.

The products were developed by the Innovation Team at Great Western Malting and trialed collaboratively with distilling partners.  The American Distillers High-Enzyme malt maximizes the potential of ingredients for efficient alcohol production without compromising quality and essential distillate flavors.  The American Distillers Non-GN Malt utilizes varieties such as Odyssey, an established low/non-glycosidic nitrile producing barley variety.  American Distillers Non-GN malt was designed to meet the discerning needs of American single malt whiskey producers.

“Great Western Malting has been supplying industry leading spirits producers with our high-quality malts to their specifications for years, so these products are the culmination of our experience in satisfying distilling customers and our passion for innovation on behalf of the industry” said Scott Garden, Director of Quality and Technical Services, Great Western Malting.  “Now customers have access to domestic malts, specifically made to meet the unique needs of the spirits industry.”

Great Western Malting, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Malt Group, maintains close relationships with farmers in the Northwest of the United States and produces American Distillers malts in Idaho and Washington state.  Access to domestic supply and production provides security in supply.

The American Distillers High-Enzyme malt is currently available to commercial distillers in 55lb bags at all Country Malt Group U.S. locations.  The American Distillers Non-GN malt is only available through select U.S. locations in North Carolina, Vancouver, WA and Champlain, NY.

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