Whiskey Wednesday – Trail’s End 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Hood River Distillers Trail’s End 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Hood River Distillers expands its lineup of bourbon with Trail’s End 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. This new bottle of Trail’s End joins the previously established Trail’s End 8 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the distillery.

This new bottle of Trail’s End 10 Year is crafted with 10-year Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey that is then finished in Oregon Garry oak casks. Hood River Distillers sources its 10-year Kentucky Bourbon that comes from a select few barrels. The bourbon then makes its way westward along the path of the Oregon Trail where it arrives in Hood River to finish in toasted Oregon Garry Oak casks and blended with water from Mt. Hood to sit at 105 proof.

Trail’s End 10 Year offers up aromas of vanilla and dried fruit without the heat that can be expected on a bottle over 100 proof. The palate is full of cherry, baking spices and subtle citrus brings for a pleasant sipper. It finishes smooth with a bit of spiciness lingering until your next sip.

When compared to the Trail’s End 8 Year that sits at 90 proof, the new Trail’s End 10 Year at a bolder 105 proof ends up being a bit smoother than its younger sibling. The biggest difference is in the price of a bottle. Trail’s End 8 Year retails for $34.95 in Oregon while Trail’s End 10 Year retails for $59.95.

The release of Trail’s End 10 Year becomes the second whiskey collaboration between Hood River Distillers, the oldest distillery in Oregon, and the expert team at Clear Creek Distillery, the second-oldest distillery in Oregon.

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