Thorntail Hard Agave Launches Across the Pacific Northwest

Thorntail Hard Agave launches across the Pacific Northwest with Sea Salt Lime, Peach Strawberry, and Passionfruit Guava.

A new fermented agave drink is now hitting store shelves across the Pacific Northwest. Launched earlier this year, Seattle based Thorntail Hard Agave is now available in three flavors in ready to drink 12-ounce cans.

Thorntail Hard Agave is made with fermented Blue Weber agave sourced from small organic farms in the Jalisco region of Mexico, real fruit and all-natural sweeteners. For its launch, Thorntail Hard Agave is available in three flavors of Sea Salt Lime, Peach Strawberry and Passionfruit Guava. Each of these flavors can be found in 6-packs or a 12 can variety pack with four of each flavor. Each can sits at 5% ABV and 110 to 120 calories.

Thontail Hard Agave was founded by Joel VandenBrink. You may remember Joel as he was the founder of both Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider. He sold the two entities in 2016 to Agrial Group, a French company, and stayed on as CEO for a few years following the sale.

“We wanted to create a delicious alternative to the canned seltzers and overly carbonated vodka drinks that were on the market,” said CEO and founder Joel VandenBrink, in a statement. “We thought about the clean health benefits of fermenting agave and saw an opportunity to create a more delicious, refreshing product that tasted crisp and could be enjoyed throughout the day without feeling the impact the next day. We created Thorntail to fit into our customers’ lives and where they want to be — with friends and family, out in nature and planning the next adventure.”

image courtesy of Thorntail Hard Agave

From sampling the three flavors of Thontail Hard Agave, we were satisfied with the flavors of each offering. Leading the pack was Sea Salt Lime that was followed by Passionfruit Guava and Peach Strawberry. The Sea Salt Lime have a similar flavor profile to a margarita with no need to salt the rim of the glass. Then when it comes to Sea Salt Lime that was followed by Passionfruit Guava and Peach Strawberry these two flavors also live up to their name. Nothing too sweet, just a uncomplicated drink that can be served over a large cube or straight from the can.

In all, Thontail Hard Agave is a more flavorful alternative to other similar drinks such as hard seltzer and hard teas. And with summer approaching, these three new flavors will be a great addition to any outdoor function in the Pacific Northwest.

Thorntail Hard Agave is available across the Pacific Northwest, including Fred Meyer and QFC locations in Washington and Oregon. For more information on Thorntail or to find out where to purchase it, visit Follow the brand on social media at @drinkThorntail.

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