Laurelwood Brewing's Portland Pale Project Creates Specialty Product Line


Laurelwood Portland Pale Project

One of Oregon’s most renowned breweries, Laurelwood Public House & Brewery has announced their Portland Pale Project to exemplify the skills of their gifted brew staff. Shaking things up in the already more than vibrant Portland craft beer scene, this new undertaking headed by brewmaster Vasilios Gletsos will make room to display the creativity of the company’s talented brewers.

Here’s the details as laid out by a recent press release sent out by Laurelwood:

Portland, ORLaurelwood Public House & Brewery is venturing into creative brewing territory with it’s Portland Pale Project. The Portland Pale Project was formed to give the brewers creative licensing on their own pale ale recipes. This specialty product line will consistently provide the Portland craft beer market with new creative pale ales and some old favorites on a regular basis. The first pale project recipe included oatmeal, and the latest introduced lemon and lime zest. Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos had this to say about the new program, “Creating the Portland Pale Project allows us the opportunity to explore the depth of different interpretations of pale ale while allowing our brewers the opportunity to express the depth of creativity of their craft. Beyond that, we will have the chance to revisit favorites from our vast archive of recipes from the past as well as develop new classics. We can also create the space to explore new hops, malts and materials that haven’t found their way into our line up yet.”

Laurelwood Brewing Co. Laurelwood is embarking on another new program that has a strong following. Cask beer joins the line-up Friday, October 26, 2012 at the NE Portland location. Cask is the British traditional way of serving ale. The beer has less carbonation in it, and is typically served warmer to allow the subtler flavors in the beer to shine through. Gletsos explains the program in two parts, “Cask is a traditional English style beer. While our beers have a decidedly Americanized spin, they are based on British classics and our ale strain is from one of the most popular traditional English breweries. Cask beer brings out the nuances of hops, malt and yeast expression, by lowering the carbonation levels and raising the temperatures, both of which numb the tongue. Cask provides variety. We are able to rack a cask from a standard batch of beer and condition it with different hops, spices, vanilla beans or whatever we like to create limitless possibilities or a simple and subtle treatment of our pub favorites for a one of a kind experience for our patrons.”

More on Laurelwood’s recent news in this latest video:

About Laurelwood Brewing Company

Laurelwood is a family owned brewery that creates one of the most recognized regional craft beers. Owners Mike De Kalb & Cathy Woo-De Kalb are dedicated to sustainable and organic practices, and first began producing certified organic beer in 2001. Laurelwood’s product line is known for its creativity and quality therefore winning many national and international beer awards. Laurelwood’s handcrafted beers can be found on draft and in bottles throughout Oregon and Washington. To find out more about Laurelwood Brewing Company go online at