Deschutes Brewery to Release Black Butte Non-Alcoholic

Bend, Oregon –Deschutes announces the release of a groundbreaking non-alcoholic dark beer, Black Butte Non-Alcoholic. The legendary Black Butte Porter was the inspiration behind this latest innovation – the beer that put the small-town brewery on the map in 1988 remains the #1 selling porter in the U.S..  Through three decades of innovation and experimentation, Deschutes has remained committed to extending their pursuit of quality to nontraditional craft beer styles that offer a unique value to their customers. Black Butte Non-Alcoholic is a high-quality non-alcoholic beer that rivals the experience of a full-strength craft beer.

“The non-alcoholic (NA) category is currently heavy with light beers, just as the craft beer market was at the brewery’s founding in 1988,” said Veronica Vega director of product development for Deschutes. “We’re introducing a porter into this growing category to show that high quality, drinkable, and delicious NA beer can come in all styles. NA beer drinkers don’t have to settle for light beers.”

Deschutes began their foray in the NA category with their Non-Alcoholic Irish Style Dark first released in 2020 as a small pilot run. Despite the limited volume and visibility, the response to the beer was overwhelmingly positive. Based on this consumer response and winning the Country Winner Award at the World Beer Awards and a Silver medal at the U.S. Beer Championships in the Non-Alc Stout/Porter category, this proof point gave Deschutes the confidence to replicate their legacy beer.

“Given our history, our customers agree that it makes sense for us to kick off our path in non-alcoholic beers with the style that put Deschutes on the map – porter,” said Vega.

Black Butte Non-Alcoholic utilizes the same specialty malts and hops as the original for a full-flavor experience with notes of rich chocolate, coffee, and a roasted finish.  Deschutes partners with Sustainable Beverage Technologies using their patented BrewVo® technology that creates a real beer experience through a unique method that gently manages alcohol while maintaining flavor and aroma. The beer fully ferments to create the most mentally satisfying non-alcoholic beer drinking experience. Through rigorous experimentation, Deschutes now has a non-alcoholic beer that delivers a true beer drinking experience worthy of the name “Black Butte.”

“It’s so similar to the real thing that people are often surprised that it’s non-alcoholic. This beer is a way for us to connect with a growing population of people who are looking to reap the health benefits of an alcohol reduced or alcohol-free lifestyle and still enjoy the act of drinking beer.”

Deschutes is releasing non-alcoholic Black Butte in 12 ounce, 6-pack cans in their pubs and tasting room, throughout Oregon in independent accounts, and direct to consumers through their website later this month. Black Butte Non-Alcoholic will release across the U.S. to the brewery’s full distribution footprint this March.

About Deschutes Brewery
Deschutes Brewery, an independent craft brewer in Bend, Oregon family and employee owned since 1988, is one of the quintessential beers of the Pacific Northwest. Founded on the guiding principles of true craftsmanship and ultimate quality, Deschutes is known as a leader in hops, dark beer, innovative India Pale Ales, and small-batch experimental and barrel-aged beers. Deschutes Brewery is crafted for community, committed to sustainable business practices and support of charitable organizations across our distribution footprint. Visit Deschutes Brewery’s beer finder to find a Deschutes beer near you in 36 states across the country.