Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA in 12 Ounce 4 Packs

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA 12 ounce

Press Release:

Paso Robles, CA: The world of Wookey Jack is about to get woolier with the release of Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s acclaimed black rye IPA in a new 12-ounce four-pack format.

“The original 22-ounce Wookey Jack can be challenging for one person to take down, but at least you can see it coming,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “In contrast, the 12-ounce Wookey Jacks are easier to handle by themselves, but they are more likely to gang up on you.”

Firestone Walker recommends trying both to find out which works best for you, but with one caveat: never attempt to conquer a 22-ounce Wookey Jack and 12-ounce Wookey Jack simultaneously.

Wookey Jack is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest black rye IPAs. Malted Rye and a dash of Cara Rye impart a spicy grain quality to the palate. Wookey Jack is double dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops, which bring a citrusy dimension to the aroma profile. A dash of “Wookey Dust” is said to bring a signature pungency. Wookey Jack is unfined and unfiltered to retain its bristly natural texture and character.

The origins of the name Wookey Jack are uncertain. Some say that it’s related to Brynildson’s favorite band, Phish. Co-proprietor and British expatriate David Walker suggests a connection to Wookey Hole, an English village noted for its dark caves and resident witch.

Regardless, watch your back, because the four-packs of Wookey Jack are hitting the streets this week.

Wookey Jack Vitals:
ABV: 8.3%   IBU: 80   Color: 45 SRM
Brewing: 100% Stainless Steel
Hops: German Magnum (bittering) Citra & Amarillo (flavor and aroma), Citra & Amarillo (double dry hopped)
Malts: Pale Malt, Malted Rye, Dash of Cara Rye, Midnight Wheat from Briess, De-Bittered Black Malt (sourced from Weyermann, Germany and Patagonia Malting, Chile), Dash of Wookey Dust